To understand why the South is hella racist, you have to look to the past


I deadass LIVE for history. It makes me all hot and bothered. Hearing about the drama and the gossip from the past is honestly better than the Real Housewives. For some reason, our youth doesn’t give a fuck about the past. They only care about the future. Well baby girl I am sorry but history ALWAYS repeats itself. If we don’t learn from it, how can we prevent it from happening again? Here’s Daddy with the history scoop so you can look mad knowledgeable next time you see your racist uncle.

A prime example of why we should know our past is, how the south and honestly, the rest of America in its current stage are treating black people. As a history bitch, I’ve realized, all the petty skin color feuds in the past are over JEALOUSLY! Jealous of other races come up and culture. As of now I feel like all this racism is rising up because once again the white race feels threatened. Threatened that the black community is coming together to rebuild themselves and take back all the culture and art the white community stole from them.

And before y’all say thats a myth, google it bitch or borrow one of my books from the “Long Road to Civil Rights” class I took in college. For years white people were seriously taking the hard work of black people and making it their own. Black people have been giving a shit education on purpose so we can make the whole race dumb. Luckily we still have some amazing teachers stopping that and allowing our black youth to have a proper future, same as any white child. This is what the white race fears, more competition in life. A majority of white people aint shit, and they understand that.

Prime example of stealing from black culture is “Living Single”, a show about young, single black people living together, trying to find dates while having mad giggles. Then we have the white, toned down version, “Friends”,  when the show was pitched they legit said, “its a white version of Living Single”. New Kids on the Block is the white version of New Edition. When white artists or bands would “cover” black songs they would pay no royalties on them, leaving the black people behind the song penniless. So basically what happened in “Dreamgirls”.

When I lived down south it was bizarre, I had an older lady work with us, was as sweet as a Georgia peach, but was a legit racist. The comments she would make were out of control, at first I would snapchat them and laugh but then I realized, could you imagine if a black child saw that? I was grossed out. Grandma chill with that shit. What made it even worse was her work bestie was a older black lady. Im sorry but what, could you imagine Ms. Effel saying that shit to Ms. Mable, shit would go down and I would be team Mable, ain’t nobody support that shit no more. If you don’t have the balls to say it to their face, don’t say it at all.

Thats why its so weird that this shit is rising up again. It chilled for a hot min but then social media took it mainstream. I am SO over seeing videos like Permit Patty legit harassing a young black girl, or the douche at CVS calling the cops over a coupon. WE HAVE THOUSANDS OF MISSING CHILDREN AND THIS IS HOW WE ARE USING OUR POLICE FORCE? Its honestly a sick joke. But we are only seeing one story because it was on video. Black people have to live thru this shit their whole life. I could never imagine having to go thru life like that. To understand why the south is like this, we have to go back to after the civil war, jump on in daddy magical history bus.

After the Civil War, the south was undergoing reconstruction. Blacks had the somewhat the same “rights”, as white people, this changed everything. Black people were going to school, becoming lawyers, cops and even mayors. Black people actually had a chance to make something of themselves, and thats what scared the whites. From what I understood, not all the south was like this. Some found it okay that blacks were no longer slaves, the people truly hurt by it was the plantation owners. Think about it, they no longer had workers anymore. And if they wanted to hire more workers they had to actually pay them now. Thus why sharecropping, slavery for the new century came about.

The end of slavery forced many plantations to go bankrupt and once wealthy families to go poor. Instead of adapting to this new world, they rather sit and bitch about their situation. Thats what makes me laugh the most, all these racist back then and now blame the black community for them being inbreed hillbilly trash. No, your laziness is what made you poor white trash.  This is what fueled their racism. Under their eyes, they are poor because black people wanted to be free, they upset the status quo. So instead of hiring workers or starting a new business, they decided to dedicate their lives to becoming racist pieces of shit and installing that racism on their children and grand babies.

They formed the KKK, the gayest of all hate groups. They sit around a cross set on fire, wearing white sheets with a coned hood, and dance around, so basically Coachella? These pricks made it their mission to take down the black community at any cost. May it be by introducing state laws like Jim Crow, that reduced the black community back to nothing. Or to spread rumors about them being rapists to white woman, to fuel hate and make crimes like lynching acceptable. We truly will never know how many black people were killed during this time because the south was good at covering up their crimes.

This is why parts of the south became poor white racist trash. They were so stupid to open their eyes and question why some of the slave children were mixed, umm cause your daddy be sleeping with them, are you blind? The people who originally were cool with blacks having equal rights followed those behind the Klan like cattle. Paula Dean even said once that her family suffered because their plantation went bankrupt after the war. Girl I do NOT feel bad for you, eat more butter bitch.

You would however think after the next generation this would die off, aka the baby boomers. But thats what makes this so weird! The baby boomers were the ones protesting the Vietnam war or wanting equal rights for men and woman, but they are now the ones continuing this racist shit. All these videos are mostly older white men and woman throwing bitch fits over legit nothing. If the teenage version of them saw themselves now they would be disgusted.

Social media is allowing us to expose this shit but its also provoking it as well. Take Khalil Cavil, a waiter at a restaurant. He posted a picture on social media of a receipt a customer left that said “We don’t tip terrorists”. This caused a huge media out break and was all over social media. Everyone felt sorry for him and wanted to expose the people behind this. However, days later we discovered he made the whole thing up.

That comment was never left on his receipt, he wrote that! Who the fuck makes up a hate crime, thats truly sick. All that kid did was give the “far right” ammo to call every hate crime like this fake news. The action of one dumbass will now make it harder for people to believe this shit. Its like when people lie about rape. Im sorry but with both false accusation your ass should be thrown in jail. Bye bye lair.

Xoxo can the world just smoke a blunt together and get over this pettiness, its a skin color, chill


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