Discovering if you’re Native American sounds cool, but being framed for murder does NOT


I’ve had a trust no company motto since day 1. We click yes on the Terms of Use, but we never actually read it. What are we agreeing too?  All these companies have ulterior motives to make them rich in the short and long term. Genetic testing companies like 23 & Me make profit off us sending in our saliva for them to run DNA tests on. This sounds dope right?

They can see if we are not only Native American, but also if we are at risk for certain illnesses down the line, again sounds hella lit. But then my inner conspiracy theorist asks, “What do they do with our data afterwards”. Are they throwing it out after, or are they saving it for later use down the line, deff the second option.

These things have been around for a couple of years but now they are becoming very popular. According to Business Insider, last Thanksgiving over 1.5 million shoppers bought a Ancestry DNA kit. I hope half of those are for racists down south who later discover they are 23% African.

Its not even like these companies are doing all this testing at their own labs, 23 and me uses contracted labs in North Carolina and California to test the DNA, whos to say Jimmy doesn’t take a little bit of your spit, rapes someone and places your spit on their vagina? I aint taking any risks.

They say the lab only sees a number used later on to identify you but again, I trust them like I trust my local crack dealer. DNA is unique to us, so yes they can give a number but because its unique who’s to say down the line they can figure out who it is very easily?

Also, who’s to say they don’t get hacked? These major companies say they keep our DNA and private information like our names and email separate so if they do get hacked, you can’t put them together. But again, if our government agencies can be hacked, why can’t a shady company as well?

Companies like 23 and Me are hell bent on controlling our futures by using our data. Not only are they keeping our genetic data, they are also using the data via our cookies from their smartphone apps as well. I’m sorry but they are legit shady, so not only can you use our DNA against us, but also what we do on our phones as well, no wonder the pharmaceutical and insurances companies have such a hard on for them.

Heres where it gets real intresting, companies like 23 and Me and Ancestry have partnerships with pharmaceutial companies so they can “explore different illnesses to create new drugs”. But again, thats just giving our DNA to more people. We really are left to believe no one at these companies will do anything shady with it? You can opt out of this but thats for now, whats the prevent them from down the line giving it out for “research”, whats actually in the fine print ?

Now, GlaxoSmithKline is investing $300 million into 23 and Me so they have access to their data to create new drugs. They calm they will only use data “voluntarily” shared but I roll my eyes at that hardcore. They recently added a feature to give cilents the premission to share the info with third party people and your infomation would be stripped but even they say, “they cannot promise 100 percent that your data will be safe”, thanks for the warning?

I know I may sound crazy but I really think our government is secretly behind these companies so they can build a database of our DNA. Now thats sounds good because they can use it catch rapist and killers but what else will they do with that? With someones DNA they can legit frame them for a crime. HOW SCARY. Recently the Golden State Killer was arrested because a family member submitted DNA to discover lost family members so they were able to get a match that way.

Listen I am so happy they caught that sick fuck but isn’t that low-key scary? In Canada they have been collecting DNA from potential illegal immigrants and using it against ancestry websites to see if these people are who they say they are. Now I’m all for protecting our boarders but thats just insane, find a hobby.

The Baltimore Ravens attempted to have “Ravens DNA Day” last year with genetic company Orig3n to give out free DNA test to over 55,000 people, so they can “figure out their past”. Sounds fun right? Again no! This was just a way to mass collect data. Thank God everyone realized this was a mass violation of our rights and it was shut down but how shady is that!

Why would they give out over 55,000 free test of a product that normally cost them $29? A shitty bobble head okay I can understand, but a free DNA test? Hell no. They had secret plans for that data, their privacy policy even stated they planned to “disseminate users anonymized genetic information to give to third parties”, well at least they’re being honest.

In the end, y’all are welcomed to do what you want with these test if your weird aunt gives you one for Christmas. However, if you are framed for murder don’t message me saying, “daddy im innocent can you do a article about it to tell the world the truth”, no baby girl you should of listen, have fun in jail, tell big Bertha whats good. If you do have one of these tests, put your dogs spit into it, lets fuck with them like they try to fuck with us.

Xoxo frame me for a murder & see what happens bitch, I don’t pay $5.99 a month for iCloud for nothing


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