Don’t rain on my parade HONEY. Get your negative ass outta here

I’m SO over negative ass people in my life. Go somewhere else with that bull. I laugh when I see unhappy, bitter, rude as shit, always a damper on my ray of light personality people complaining about how shitty their life is. I’m not an expert but maybe it’s because your ass is always so negative! I say it’s a cute day out, you say it’s gonna rain. I say I read a new book, you say 70% of inner city children can’t read at their reading level. I say my rash went away, you say the chances of that rash becoming cancer is 1 in every 23. GIRL CHILL!

Ain’t nobody wanna be around your toxic ass energy. I strive on making every day feel like it’s Whitney Houston’s birthday. No matter how shitty life is, put a smile on baby girl. Why push your problems on the world, we don’t care! Stop harping on your past. We’re over hearing you bitch about how you hate being single. Or how your ex’s new girl is an fugly beaver. Or how your hate your job & and you’re gonna die alone. Yes that last statement is most likely true, but girl you can still change it.

Go out and get a drink on a Tuesday, meet new people. Smoke a blunt when you feel sad and depressed. Stop tweeting, letting the world know how miserable you are. All being depressed does is cause wrinkle lines, ain’t nobody got time for that. Don’t allow yourself to become that friend everyone hates because your ass is always such a negative Nancy. Don’t rain on my parade honey, cause my ass always got umbrellas. I WILL push you off the float.

This past weekend I met a new girly and we bonded, but her friend was so nasty. Trying to pull homegirl away from our convo, rolling her eyes, just being stank! Let my new girlie stay! So what, she can look like a stuck up bitch in the corner like you? This is why no one is buying you a drink, princess. You give off a twaty stink. We can see and hear you judging everyone one, but girl we judging you back.

We could be judging your outfit that you threw together last minute because “you truly don’t care what you wear, it’s only downtown”. We could be judging your caked on make up. But realistically we didn’t even notice you. We too busy having fun AND LIVING OUR BEST LIFE. I tried to save her friend from that misery of a mess but it was too late. She said, “I can’t she’s like a sister to me”, girl cut your sister lose, she a leech.

Xoxo I’m always giving out a positive vibe, that’s why my hair so perfect

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