Lies, Lies, & more blond hair lies. Elizabeth Holmes, GIRL, you got some explaining to do!


Finding a good book can be hella hard. I go through stages were I’m in the mood for a good murder mystery or a book on history. But lately I’ve been obsessed with novels about companies. My Cali family, the ones I strive to be aka rich & ALWAYS wearing Prada, was telling me about this shady ass company her mans venture firm invested in. It was called Theranos and AT the time they thought it honestly could of changed the world. This story legit had so many twist and turns with so many random people of political power involved it was nuts. So when they told me there was a book about all this drama, my ass ran to Barnes & Noble.

This book was written by John Carreyrou, a Wall Street Journal investigator. He legit gives NO fucks. While researching this company for the WSJ he got so many threats from lawyers, he just giggled them off. Anyone else would be afraid of a company with this much power. “Bad Blood” focuses on Theranos, founded by a then 19 year old Elizabeth Holmes. She blonde with a wanna be Steve Jobs vibe. She was afraid of needles so she wanted to find a way to get only a small finger prick of blood and run hundreds of test on it. This COULD of been groundbreaking because so many different illnesses could be discovered ahead of time. She even had partnerships with Walgreens and Safeway to have Theranos centers in their stores so everyday people can be tested whenever they wanted.

I thrive to have her ability to manipulate anyone. She had “Mad Dog” James Mattis and Henry Kissinger’s shady ass involved with her company. She even had Joe Biden come for a tour of their “Labs”. Obama even gave her an award, for God knows what.  Her blood testing system was called the Edison and it was a black box that you place your blood prick on a credit card and place it in the machine. She said the machine then worked its magic and test your blood and send the results to Theranos headquarters.

But really this girl was like the Wizard of Oz, the machines DIDN’T work. She would either A. rig the machines to make it appear they are working. or B. she rigged the machine to have other companies technology in it to actually preform tests. or C. she would come up with a lie and make you send your blood to Theranos headquarters where their “lab” would run the test.

Their “lab” was made up of other companies equipment, aka it was a gloried blood testing lab. Her ability to lie scammed hundreds of people, including my cousin to invest in her company. He learned TRUST NO ONE after that drama.This one company was worth over a billion dollars, but it was all based on lies. No one outside the company knew the truth and the people inside were forced to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement so they couldn’t say anything. One of the people that help reveal her lies lost his family in the process. His grandfather was mad rich and he had a place on the board. When Theranos was lying about their blood testing equipment he was disgusted. She was legit putting peoples lives in danger. Homegirl was even using her equipment in a study on CANCER patients, how sick is she? She was legit putting peoples LIVES in danger and she legit gave no fucks.

When he told his grandfather about it he refused to believe him. His own grandfather believed this bitch over his own blood, I would be pissed. This kids life was destroyed because he felt it was his duty to tell the truth. These tests were giving false positives to very serious diseases. Did Elizabeth Holmes not care? Does she not know how much a Co-Pay is?? But she isn’t the only one to blame. Her “Boyfriend” the even shadier Sunny Balwani legit makes this story even crazier. No one knew they were dating but a select few. These two worked their asses off to maintain this charade of lies.

Now if you are thinking, Daddy this is an AMAZING story whens the movie come out. GIRL I KNOW! Jennifer Lawerence and Adam McKay are working on a movie! I am SOOO HYPED! I told my cousin when they come to him for the rights for him to be in the movie, he best tell them ONLY if I can play him. I could really make this role my bitch. He lost MILLIONS because of home girl, I really think I could portray that loss well on camera.

Everyone READ THIS BOOK! It is legit a quick ass read and you WILL be hooked. Now don’t research anything on the company let the book tell you the story. Then watch her crazy ass interviews after, she legit was a psycho. This book play out like a thriller, you WILL be hooked. My home girl is reading the book now so HMU if you wanna borrow it after! Or don’t be a broke bitch and buy it, Barnes & Noble has it for $17, such a bargain.

Xoxo lie about your age, not a blood test DA FUQ!


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