I found the Internet graveyard of D-list celebrities who now beg for money and its honestly depressing, invest your money Y’ALL

They say the average celebrity is famous for 3 years, then its they either blow up, or die off. What happens when they 5 minutes of fame is up? If they didn’t save up or invest, do they become a hooker, a druggy or sell themselves to make videos for fans on a website. Most likely the third one. This new site is called, Cameo.com and its legit depressing.

Basically depending on their “Value” you pay “celebrities”(I use that term lightly) to record a video of them saying whatever you want. For example, the former star of Hairspray, Nikki Blonsky, can say Happy Birthday to your girly or congrats on the new nose job for only $20 dollars. Legit all of her videos are SOOOO uncomfortable. Such a hot mess. I honestly felt feel bad for her! Not to judge but she looks HORRIBLE! Girl at least apply a filter! She basically a non porn cam hoe!

My favorite page was Sonja Morgan from The Real Housewives of New York, for $79 she can be all yours. Her complaints are what makes her my fav, they all complain that all she does is promote her clothing line in her videos, LMAOOOOO what do you expect? I understand that we all need to make some bread but come on these videos are soooo degrading! Find a real normal job without selling off your self respect!

This site is made up of the most RANDOM stars, from a few randoms on Vanderpump Rules, to freaking Soulja Boy…. for only $50 dollars. I’m all for a come up season but this reeks of desperation. How much of a cut does the website get? What about your managers greedy ass? In the end he prob only makes $20 dollars.

Some of these stars even look cracked out like Tom Felton from Harry Potter. Dude looks so sweaty I feel like any money he collects is going straight to his meth dealer. He’s one of the highest at $222 dollars a video but he looks honestly like shit. If I paid that much for a video from him and he looked like he just got done having sex with a sea cow, I would be livid!

People get these for birthdays, for new job promotion or for leaving their dead beat baby daddy. Legit watch about 5 of these and they are the most random & uncomfortable things ever. Some people even pay them to promote their website or YouTube page. Come on really! Use that money to buy a Ad, not an awkward video people know you paid for.

This site should be a reminder of what happens when you DON’T save your money. Everyone hates him( for good reasons) but Chris Brown was very smart with his money, he owns like 10 Burger Kings. He ain’t gonna end up on there. Taylor Swift has bought properties all over the world so if her career ever dies, she can sell a house every few years and be set for life. She ain’t gonna be wishing you a video happy birthday, she too busy counting her moneyyyyy. I read a rumor that Miley Cyrus owns a shit ton of apartment buildings. Landlord Miley, I love it. Be smart like them, don’t chase clout buying lambos and gold chains or you’ll end up being thirsty as fuck on Cameo.com

Xoxo for $150 dollars I’ll make a video insulting all your friends

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