Skinny Minnie and Papi take on Seabreeze

Seabreeze has been my family’s go to place for YEARS. Between that and Hershey Park, they both where our lower middle class getaway. I used to think Seabreeze was so big and AMAZING, but sadly now it’s a smelly pee hole. Mama D and I went with her bastard son and his friends for his birthday. Thank god for Child Support. We obviously drove separate and made grandma drive the kids because I’m not dealing with screaming and stale farts. Thank the heavens we did because negative vibes were in the air but we refused to let them bring us down. How can you be nasty when you COULD be in the wave pool sis?

First thing we did when we got there was nibble, Mama on the Newport cig diet so she was hella hungry. The food however was NOT worth the wait. Legit homegirl was in line for at least 30 minutes. I could of went pee down the water slide 4 times and she still would of been waiting. Also this place serves ZERO alcohol, how RUDE! How else are we supposed to be dealing with these yelling little shits?

The first ride we went on was the water slides and like they were lit but legit smelly. The water smelt like pee and shit, not even playing. What’s weird thou is waiting in line it smelt the worst. I don’t know if it’s because people were peeing while waiting or what but shit gross. They need to scrub down the stairs ASAP before someone gets E. coli.

The wave pool was the most lit, we had so many giggles in there, till I saw a thong floating around. SICK. Was someone doing their laundry or did they take them off for a wave pool booty call? Only God can tell. I attempted to bring my phone in because it is waterproof but the lifeguard bitch yelled at me, basically bullying me by calling me out. Don’t phone shame me hoe, I’m NOT the one.

Everyone working at this park was legit miserable besides this one REAL WERIDO. Does everyone hate their life or something. I get the park smells like piss but come on, at least you don’t work at Walmart. Every time these people would tell us the ride instructions we could barely hear them with their miserable asses. Do you want us to die?

The most hurtful part of the day was the bullying we witnessed. This little black girl was with these two white she devils. One a scary redhead, the other a fugly brunette. The redhead twat was deff the ringleader. They deadass bullied the adorable black girl because they wanted to ride together. So they legit barked at this girl till she ran away.

Mama Dutches and I legit starred these skanks down, then when the little girl ran to her grandma we find out, plot twist, the little girls is like a foster girlie for the Red Devils grandma! I was livid, they lied and said the little girl was too scared to ride the ride. LIES! I snapped. I legit started to walk over to grandma to tell her WHATS good but mama D grabbed my back and said not our family NOT our drama.

Ugh I wanted to buy her a snow cone or SOMETHING, those two future strippers deff are always mean to her! I then see their nasty ass mom walk over looking all Welfare like and it finally made since. The little girls are mean because they have a ugly ass white trash mom, so sad. That little black girl deadass Cinderella and those two nasty girls are the ugly step sisters.

After we got drenched on the log ride we left. I just felt that if we were around that toxic water any longer my skin would develop a rash. The place was hella busy for a Monday. Invest money into cleaning that nasty smell and upgrade the rides! This place has so much potential, but until I can drink a Mimosa on the lazy river, I won’t go back.

Xoxo if I see those two little girls again they DEFF meeting me in the streets

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