Stop confusing criticism with bullying

I am SOOO over people getting so butt hurt over a little constructive criticism. Telling you your drawn on eyebrows look like shit isn’t bullying, it’s being truthful. Letting you know your mans is a lowlife cheater isn’t bullying either, it’s factual. People are so sensitive these days anything you say they cry and say it’s bullying. Trust me bitch it isn’t. If I was bullying you, YOU WOULD KNOW IT.

I am doing MY duty as an American by “saying something, when I see something”. If I see you looking low rent, imma say something. It’s selfish not too. When you embarrass yourself in public it not only makes you look bad, it makes ME look bad as well. I’m looking out for BOTH of us! You’re welcome. Trump calls out everyone’s flaws, YOU should too!

When I was in middle school I was bullied hard core, as you all know from reading my Young Adult novel, “I hate me too: The Little Papi Series”. I do NOT look back upon this time and cry about it. Instead I LEARNED from it. I learned I was annoying as fuck so I need to chill. I learned I dressed like a pussy boy with my pink ass polos and my fuck you backpack. Lastly I learned I had a high pitched “homo” voice that needed to go, so I smoked 30 cigarettes a day to change that. I learned what I needed to change and finally I learned to be confidant.

I’m not saying I changed myself into what society wants me too, because trust me I didn’t. Instead I learned things about myself I was too self absorbed to see. In my head I’m a perfect specimen of God, but really I’m a skinny rat.

People always coming at me taught me that even when I think I’m being “okay” really I’m being extra as fuck. These people were coming at me out of a place of love. Well not all of them, a majority of them were just pricks. However I learned to listen to their criticism, but not take it 100% serious.

Mama Dutches is PERFECT with this. When I’m being BEYOND extra, she smacks me down a couple levels. When I’m being cocky, she tells me I ain’t shit. She honestly humbles me. We all need to be humbled, we ain’t no better than anyone. Well expect Mike Pence, we all better than him.

Xoxo if I tell you chill with the make up, LISTEN

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