What to do if you are white and a song has the N-word it in


So many rap & hip hop songs these day include the N word. It makes it so hard & awkward for people like me to sing along at parties. Well get over it. At first I was like is it okay to continue to jam or should I skip over the word? When I was younger I thought, “oh its in a song its fine”, boy was my ass wrong. Luckily one of my boys was like dude don’t say that word even if its in a song, its still racist. Im like but dude its a song, chill out. He should of smacked me right then. It didn’t hit me how hurtful that word was even in rap form till I took a class on Civil Rights. Deadass that class made me an emotional wreck.

My teacher did NOT sugar coat ANYTHING. It was so graphic but honestly needed. I needed to see the history behind that word, how it was literally used as a way to weaken and destroy black people. Also its just as nasty ass word, even if you take off the -ER. The word alone sounds so sharp its like a knife stab when you hear it. For honestly decades this word was used against black people till they finally took it back. By using it in the songs and as a way to say someones your friend, it allowed black people to take back the power of the word. Before it was a way for white people to basically spit on black people. Now they control the power of the word, not us rude ass crackers. Who do we think we are?

Its now their own thing. Our ancestors(in their eyes) had the right to say it so tough titties now that we can’t. Unless your skin color has a horrific past like black people do, SKIP OVER THE FUCKING WORD. I don’t care if you are just with your friends,  fucking skip it. Im so done with seeing videos of little white girls thinking they are cute screaming rap songs and saying the full on n-word. Bitch go to the south side and lets see if you are that ballsy. Its honestly not that hard to mumble during that part or hey instead bust a dance move!

When I was younger, naive me didn’t understand the word. I knew it was a way to describe black people but I didn’t understand the history behind it. So in middle school, after I learned about the word, I thought I was cool and came home and said it in front of my family. Deadass I saw the wrath of Satan in my father. He whooped my ass so quick it was unreal. Then proceeded to tell me how wrong and horrible that word is. But took it even a step further, he showed me Die Hard 3. In Die Hard 3, a terrorist makes John McClane wear a sign in Harlem that says, “I hate N-word”. His ass was about to die till Zeus, played by Samuel L. Jackson saved him. My dad deadass paused the movie and said, “In life you won’t have a Zeus, you’ll be in a body bag instead”.

Its truly bizarre how I had a mindset that young that a word I had zero clue about was okay to say. Neither of my parents are racist and I legit haven’t heard them say a racist thing at all. I’m not even lying, I’ve legit have never heard a racist comment out of their mouths. So did I pick it up in school or on television? I think its the same with interracial couples. Not ones has my parents said anything negative about them growing up and I even had cousins that were in one. So where did I pick up the notion that its weird.

Truly when I was younger I was like wait that doesn’t make sense, shouldn’t they be with their own race? Like some racist hick! Why would I think that at such a young age? Im convinced it’s because if you think about it, growing up we barely saw interracial couples on TV or in the movies. When we did it was always like a joke or something. Thats why its so important to portray them in the media! Same with other races as well,  representation matters! Could you imagine how dope it is for young Asian girls to watch, “To all the boys I loved before”, and see that the main Asian girl gets the hot guy in the end. That legit would motivate the hell out of me!

In the end, unless you want the whole internet to see it and expose you and end your life, DON’T SAY IT. You have zero need to. You’re not being funny nor are you being cute, you’re just being a racist prick. My new look out on life is if you don’t want the world to hear you say it, DON’T say it behind close doors. Live life like everyday you are on Instagram Live. Because if you feel comfortable saying it around your friends, you’re deff racist and WILL say it in public drunk. And yes, I will be there to record it and end your life.

Xoxo and if you tell me you have permission, then my boys have permission to WHOOP DAT ASS

P.s. and NO faggot isn’t even on the same level as the N-word. Besides in Kevin Spacey basement, gays were NEVER slaves so quit with that shit

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