To all the boys who leaked my nudes

Today we live in a trust no bitch society. You deadass can’t even trust your old man. Look at that girl from Herkimer, NY. She thought she was messaging a 13 year old boy her nudes, but really it was her creepy ass dad! I’m sorry but WHAT? Lock his ass up and chop off his dick. How the hell can you do that to your own daughter, sick fuck. Family reunions have GOT to be awk.

Stories like that and the show catfish should teach our asses a lesson! No matter how hot they are, there is a 99% chance the Prince Charming you met online is a old ass dude catfishing you. Now a days you can fake anything online, shit is terrifying.

Look at Noah Centineo, who played Peter Kavinsky in Netflix’s “To all the boys I’ve loved before”, the definition of Man Candy Monday. I don’t know the full story but basically a video leaked of him snap chatting SOMEONE and it starts off all innocent and ends with him playing with himself. I feel so bad! He probably thought he was snapping with some hottie, was just gonna have some fun, then block the bitch.

But nooo people always have to take it to the next level. Legit this snake recorded all the snaps and uploaded them on Pornhub, how cruel! Who raised her selfish ass? Isn’t that called like revenge porn? Send her ass in jail! Peter is way too innocent to have something like this happen to! But to be honest this will most likely make him more famous, home boy is PACKING!

I view my body as art, I must show it off to the world. However I am NOT one to just sit in front of a mirror and take mad dick pics, GROSS! So tacky! I’m way too classy for that. No matter who is on the receiving end of that nude, they deff gonna show someone! People never keep nudes to themselves they always show their girlies and the boyyssss. It’s beyond extra but it’s a part of life.

This is why you should NEVER take a full body nude with your face in it. A. this is so no one can tell it is you and B. no one wants to see your awkward ass face. I will never understand those nudes who send that shit right off the back. No one wants to see that wrinkley ass shit. Next time it happens I’m forwarding it to your mom.

Last, never trust Snapchat, I’ve read stories about people legit going all James Bond to send people catfish pics & videos. Are you really that bored? Who has the time for that! Use that time to find a cure for vapers. If you do wanna get risqué on Snapchat, make sure you make them send you a video of them saying your name and their favorite Sir Dutches article, just so you know their real & a supporter of papi. Anyone can fake a photo, even your creepy neighbor Randy.

Xoxo one time I was catfished by a priest

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