Labor Unions, are they like your love life. Dead?


Labor Unions have been around for a hot min, since like the 1800’s to be exact. Labor Day has been celebrated since 1894, so why are unions dying. They were thriving as a way to argue for better working conditions and wages. Then the Great Depression slowed down their momentum but after World War II, they were booming again.

Until fucking Ronald Reagan. Reagan is the definition of a corporate bitch. He was as anti-union as one can get. From 1975 to 1985 union membership fell by 5 million! In manufacturing it was worse, less that 25% of workers remained in a union. I wonder if that number went down due to lack of jobs. You can hate Trump all you want but his renegotiating these tariff and trade deals are beyond smart. If done right, this could truly bring back our middle class.

What killed the labor union was shit deals like NAFTA that sent all of our good, factory jobs over seas and what jobs where left, the middle class was left fighting for. The companies had Americans right where they wanted them, desperate. They could cut wages, hours and benefits and people would still line up for a job. We cannot allow ourselves to become slaves to corporate America. We need to realize we are better then that! Know your self worth people!

Before, the owners were abusing their workers, so they needed to strike to get fair working conditions. Same shit happening now. How is it that Amazon is a billion dollar company and their CEO is one of the richest people in the world, but their employees are on welfare. DOES THAT MAKE SENSE? No. This is exactly what they were fighting for decade ago. The struggles of a working class person will never change until we limit CEO salaries. How is it possible J.C. Penny’s is closing down stores left and right but the CEO is still making millions? Nah his ass should be on commission, if the company is suffering, your pay suffers as well.

The worst blow to Labor Unions was the passing of the Taft-Harley Act, which basically weakened Unions and formed “Right to work” laws. Right to Work means jobs can fire you for ANYTHING, legit anything. This makes unions unless because now states can fire you for anything, nothing can protect you anymore. As of 2013 over 24 states have passed Right to Work laws. So in New York I could complain about a creepy boss and get fired for it because its a right to work state. So much for protecting the little guy assholes.

I can see the argument from both sides because Unions are also notoriously corrupt. For decades union pension funds were stolen and bribes were a common occurrence. In New York City alone they say the unions over charge for the most basic construction jobs. Thats why it takes so long to build anything. Two boys were paid $69.87per hour plus overtime to legit get everyone coffee. PLEASE SIGN ME UP! This is why it cost so damn much to get anything built. The worst is what unions are doing to pensions. Hundreds of Thousands of retired union workers are facing pension cuts. These cuts are slashing their monthly payments into half, sometimes more because of stupid investment deals that had NOTHING to do with the workers. These workers, legit worked their asses off for years and to have that money STOLEN from them is SICK.

The problem in my opinion is we are allowing Wall Street to be too fast and loose with our money with no consequences. The CEO’s and Wall Street investors are raping these companies dry, getting paid for it, then leaving the company left to die. Current laws now make it so if an employee is in trouble financially they can reduce pension benefits. WTF, no make that CEO pay back some of his bonuses. This is happening right now with the Teamsters in Central New York. Dumbasses at the top have made stupid ass deals that now has the pension fund at like 1/3 of its original amount. To work for legit decades and finally retire, just to have your pension milked dry from you is SICK! This is why we are seeing so many older people work for basic bitch jobs again, they legit have too or they will go bankrupt. ITS CRUEL!

In short, unless you trust these shady ass companies then yeah say screw unions! But if you are like me and trust these companies as well as you trust a heroin dealer then support unions! We cannot allow this income gap to continue to get wider. We have to hold these CEO and corporate big wigs responsible for fucking with our checks. Its time to rebuild our middle class. To many people are forced to work mall jobs which have no unions to protect them, well lets change that. Mall Workers of America, okay I love that name! Mama Dutches can be the secretary.  Let take back our economy and force these rich bitches to be basic like us.

Xoxo Labor Day is to celebrate unions, not to get shit faced BECKY


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