You may hate him, but you gotta love Trumps tweets

I feel like America is so divide over Trump and he loves it. He loves how butt hurt people get over him but also how almost obsessive people get as well. It’s like can both sides fucking chill? It’s not that serious. Big business controls politics, not the president. It’s almost a joke at this point. The more money you got, the more likely you’ll get what you want. Look at how much influence the dirty ass Koch brothers have.

Politicians have ALWAYS been scum bags, who only care about benefiting themselves and their rich friends. What sets Trump apart is his tweets. Before, presidents could tell us aliens are invading and normal people would have no clue. Let’s be for real, most people don’t read or watch the news. They just don’t give 2 shits. Presidential addresses despite being live on almost every channel, is an old folks home event. Face it, people just don’t care about politics, until Trump.

Its always been this way for young people. But, now Trump has found a way to reach us young people and the people who normally wouldn’t care. How? By tweeting legit 50 times a day. Now we know what his next moves are before the media, and I love it. Before the president would release an official statement or go on TV. Trump legit tweets the most reckless shit about what his next moves are. But he also adds a little flair to it by giving sassy nicknames like, Lyin Ted Cruz or Crying Chuck it hilarious I live for it!

This is the only way you can have people my age actually care about what’s being said. By calling the North Korean leader “Rocket man”, he legit created his own meme. I view Trump as the worlds greatest comedian for this. His tweets are beyond funny! We know what is on Trumps mind because he literally tweets what ever is on his mind, no filter city.

When I worked for Hillary Clinton, the people above me said that her tweets go thru about 6 people before she actually tweets it, if it’s even her tweeting. That’s so extra and fake. We wanna hear what your thoughts are, not the watered down version of it. By tweeting we know what Trumps next moves are and I love it, no longer do we have to watch or read some long ass thing, giving us about 10 seconds of the information we want. We now just look at Trumps twitter page.

Xoxo only God approves Trumps tweets

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