What makes a hoe?

I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of “a hoe”. Who decided what the criteria is to separated a “good girl” from a “skank”. Is it the hypocritical male society who determines that girl is a skank by who won’t sleep with them. Or is it females themselves who call other girls hoes to make up for themself feeling unloved by their daddies?

It’s deff both but it’s truly annoying how a girl is viewed a hoe for getting mad dick but if a guy sleeps around we give him dabs. That’s so fucked. Sorry my girls get all that loving! Don’t be jealous they fucking the weight away. With a top notch pussy like theirs, no wonder their phones always be blown up by gentlemen friends. We have to stop trashing people’s names just because we are unhappy with our own life. Let’s be real, everyone goes thru a hoe stage in life. And if you haven’t yet, trust me, you will.

Growing up my girlie was all innocent with the same mans since middle school and as soon as they broke up she went from the Virgin Mary to Lindsay Lohan era 2008. Everyone can be all cute and perfect their whole life but for a few weeks every 5 years, they gonna go thru a hoe stage. They need to get all that built up sexual desire out. Who are we to judge! We should celebrate them discovering their inner-Pamela Anderson. As long as they are being safe, who are we to judge! We ain’t their daddy.

My first time learning about the concept of a “skank” was in 7th grade. My ass was all innocent till I started school. I learned all these fucked up things my young ass did NOT need to know. I’m like did y’all sit in on a porno? I became friends with this girl who EVERYONE was calling a hoe. I’m like girl what does that mean and what you do?

She explained that one night her and her girlies had a sleepover and invited 2 dudes from school. They were playing truth or dare, one of the dudes dared her to blow them, she said no, but he whipped it out anyways, long story short her mouth fell on it, so now everyone thinks she easy but she isn’t. Legit her words not mine. I go honey how does your mouth fall on a dick perfectly, I don’t even take physics and I know that doesn’t add up. Please work on another excuse.

But because she was my new girlie I went along with it, till chorus class. Everyone was screaming hoe and skank at her, then they started with me. I guess I was hoe by friendship. I’m like listen y’all I just met her, and she said she fell on the dick. They all called me a dumb ass and I was like “see girl I knew that lie sucked”. After that I became friends with her bully and that’s the story of how I met Mama Dutches!

Was I wrong for leaving hoe in training behind, yes but girl put me in a awkward predicament! Who says they fell on a dick? Worst lie EVER! At the time I should of been like don’t be jealous boys wanna play true or dare with her! Girl was already alone and I left her ass in the cold. So mean of me! Now if anyone has a problem with my girls getting some dick, they can deal with me. Aka I’ll show the world all the thirsty texts you send mama Dutches at 3 am after downtown.

People always called Mamma Dutches a hoe growing up cause their mans always be hitting her line. Sorry she type cute! Girls have to stop getting mad at the girl and be pissed at your mans! He the stepping out, NOT her. You look so STUPID attacking her, then staying with him. Have some self respect y’all.

The cruelest thing I did but also lowkey the funniest was the drama involving my friend Mable. In high school she was legit attack by everyone left and right, just because she like to have fun with dudes in the grade above us. Sorry she’s mature! She finally decided enough was enough and moved schools to live with her old man. So naturally I told everyone she switched school because she was pregnant. Deadass that shit spread quicker than herpes at a rave. Everyone thought she left to raise her little guy but really she left to end the bullying. Realistically I made it worse… sorry girl! Ugh old Matt was such a little bitch.

My years of being a little shit has taught me, what someone does to burn some calories is nobodies business but their own. That’s how a majority of these rumors of girls being hoes started. People can’t mind their own and instead get all up in people lives. GET A HOBBY. Also dudes keep your mouth shut. Stop telling everyone who you fuck, it’s creepy and disrespectful. THIS is why my girls never ask for a round two.

Xoxo sorry my girls are good at what they do

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