The ending of Summer of 84 truly got me messed up


Have you ever watched a movie and you think you’re hella smart and know how it’s going to end but then there’s a fucked up twist and your like waitttt bitch whattttt??? That’s what happened to my girlie and I this past weekend when we watched “Summer of ’84”. It’s currently on iTunes and like video on demand so check it out before someone(me) ruins it for you.

This movie starts off like any serial killer movie set in the 80’s. You have the creepy single white neighbor who is type shady. You have the group of rag tag boys who start to think something is up with creepo neighbor who’s a cop. And we even have the stereotypical hot girl next door who ALL the boys fawn over. But she’s dealing with struggles of her own, her dads a hoe. But other than that this movie is hella different. It gives off a Stranger Things” vibe with the ’80’s setting and music but to me it reminds me of the “Goonies”, one of my favs. I truly love 80’s movies, Pretty in Pink, 16 candles and my all time fav Indiana Jones. This movie is like a play on 80’s horror films. Or maybe the directors just have a fucked up mind, most likely that.

Someone on reddit said this movie should of been set in current time but I’m like nah then it’s not realistic. Kids these days are playing fortnite and getting titty pics on Snapchat. They don’t play outside anymore or stalk their neighbors. That ended with the 90’s babies. Back in the 80’s the chances of getting kidnapped were so high it was scary. Leaving doors unlocked and shit, it’s like people wanted to die. People didn’t have security cameras at their homes or cellphones to track their kids down. Someone could grab your kid and no one would even notice. Everyone was too busy doing blow.

Legit side note, this movie got me thinking of “Who took Johnny” a mad fucked up documentary about this kid obvs named Johnny who was kidnapped in the 70’s while delivering newspapers. The theories on what happened are insane, some say it was the dad, others say it was a secret political sex ring with George HW bush at the top. Either way, im giving my kids knifes when they go outside to play. Let a mofo try to kidnap MY little guy. Last I knew this documentary was on Netflix, but they always be pulling the good shit. Budget issues?

The movie doesn’t end the normal way and I loved that! My girlie took her sleeping pills so she started to dose off but as soon as the climax started her ass was up and legit screaming( maybe because I was groping her, for research purposes). My jaw was dropped for at least 20 minutes, I got drool all over her bed.

Now I refused to be a spoiler bitch so turn back now.

Okay now we can gossip, omfg first Woody aka the big friend had his neck slashed like wtf does the director hate fat kids? Second to end it so dark, “I want you to sit and always wonder when is he coming back to kill me” was so dark! Legit kid is going to have a mental breakdown wondering when his ass is gonna get stabbed. Also, wtf was up with that creepy ass room in the basement! Did something happen to him as a child? We need a prequel! Lastly, when he connected that the pictures in his house was of his victims I gasped so loud, like how fucking sick. No one put that together? Did no cop friends come over to watch the big game? There BEST be a sequel, Summer of ’85, creepo pedo cop is back to play.

To be honest I thought it was gonna end with the dad being the killer. Think about it, he is always away on “business” and he was a lowkey dick. I would NEVER make my kid apologize to a potential serial killer, worst dad ever! In all I give this movie 5 blunts, because for once my ass was wrong.

Xoxo people who kidnap people are like really tacky

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