Damn now cops be ruining Dutch Cruises too? Can y’all find that missing girl and leave my girlies ALONE?


We all know I’ve had my fair share of run in’s with the law. It’s just a side effect of being adorable. Everyone wants to pull me over for no reason, pathetic. However my policy is, if the case were dropped, then the charge don’t mean shit! Before, if you had weed in your car then yeah you’re most likely getting a ticket, but that ticket don’t mean shit.

Now, it’s legit the same as a traffic ticket, a misdemeanor, aka a slap on the risk. But in this capitalist society you need to get a lawyer to get the charges drop complete and off your record. We know how gay and stalky jobs are. So in the end you are out $300 dollars and you wasted about 7 hours sitting in court.

But now, the cops are becoming legit psychos. My girlie got a fucking DUI and didn’t even have weed on her! HOW CRAZY be safe y’all! Heres the lowdown, my girlie and her mans  were just living their best life, having a dutch cruise two weeks ago(I just found out about this because she was afraid to tell daddy, I guess she didn’t want a spanking). Now for all you NOT informed, a dutch cruise is when you drive around a cute ass area (or the ghetto) smoking a blunt. All you adults are probably like WTF thats illegal you will KILL someone. Nah hun your mans driving back drunk from the Retreat will kill someone. In MY opinion weed makes you a better driver, more attentive and aware. But thats just me!

My girl and her MANS legit just threw the blunt out when she didn’t notice she had a stale green light. A stale green light is something my old man taught me, basically if you don’t know when that light turned green, you best start to slow down, a yellow light coming soon baby girl! My girls breaks are shit so she thought she would make it, but God had other plans. Legit like a seen out a movie, she cross the line when it turned red and bam the sirens turn on. I find it BEYOND extra and a waste of resources for cops to hide out waiting for speeders. GO STOP A REAL CRIME.

The cop pulls her over and right off the back he a dick. My girls hella cute and nice so it wasn’t that, maybe it had something to do with the color of her MANS….. The cop at first thought that she was drunk, my girlies don’t drink and drive HONEY. So he made her take a Breathalyzer and do a sobriety test. She passed them all besides she stumbled when doing that walk bullshit. He goes yeah you’re high, your under arrest. MY girlie was convinced that this was a classic daddy prank for my website, nah girl I wish it was!

This cop deadass arrested my cute ass girlie and locked her up like some common criminal. I was JAW DROPPED! He found no weed, hell not even a little nug. Was he trying to get his quota up? Im convinced he only arrested her because her mans was black. Ive been pulled over before, the cop even joked about me being baked and I got no ticket. I have NEVER heard of this. Her lawyer, which cost her $2,000(yeah I wanted to throw up too) said it will all get dropped because its hard to prove someone is driving high. SO WHY EVEN GO THROW ALL THIS.

Oh I know why, because we live in a capitalistic society. The cops, judges and lawyers all work together. Cops give the tickets, so we have to pay the lawyer and the court fees. The court fees alone for my girl is almost $1000, like WTF is wrong with these people. If you need money that bad go host a bake sale. I feel so bad for my girlie! She can’t get that new Prada purse she wanted, its so cruel! Can the cops JUST LEAVE US ALONE.

I’m not saying that ALL cops are dicks, but its seems like a big group of them are! My theory is, all the pricks from high school, went off to be a cop just to feel powerful and to make up for their baby dicks. We need more officers like Officer Norman. He is Mama Dutches and I legit favorite! Search him on instagram he lit. He believes in community policing, meaning that cops are out in the communities, helping people out, getting to know their community! NOT sitting behind a bush hoping to catch people speeding. Get a hobby!!!!

Xoxo lets all go to my girlie’s court day and chat FREE NIKKI LYNN

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