In another universe, Amanda Bynes has a Netflix original series


Yesterday I watched the underrated classic, “Sydney White” starring 90’s baby’s sweetheart, Amanda Bynes. Anytime I watch a movie or show of hers I get distracted at the fact that we may never get anything new from her again. She honestly had such a bright future. She was ADORABLE, funny AF, talented and a great actress. So when she went threw her “episode” I honestly felt like I had a piece of me die. I grew up with her! From “All That” to “The Amanda Bynes show”, “Big Fat Liar” and sadly her last movie “Easy A”, like wtf God why did this happen! I’ve never understood how this could happen, but then again I wasn’t a child star, THANK GOD!

Amanda started her career on “All That”, she won a “Funniest Kid in America” contest. Legit she was the star of that show, so naturally she got a spin off “The Amanda Bynes Show”, so many classic skits on there! Mahhh HAAA and the Girlssssss room, ugh just thinking of it makes me sad. In another universe she’s hosted SNL 3 times, dated a douchey actor we all hated till she finally dumbed his ass, won an Oscar for her dramatic role as a single mom raising a gay son in a strict southern baptist community and currently has a Netflix limited series, which she obvs won an Emmy for. If she never went through that depressing, honestly scary stage I believe she would be at the top of her game!

It was so bizarre, she had no issues growing up. We never saw pictures of her shit faced at the club, or reports of her being drunk on set. TMZ barely mentioned her till she got her first DUI, then it was all downhill from there. She was set to play a lead role in the Owen Wilson movie, “Hall Pass”. This was going to be her break into adult comedy, she no longer wanted to be known for teen comedies. Before she had so many comedy classic but they were typically meant for teenagers. But after arriving to the set unprepared, she dropped out and tweeted she no longer loves acting anymore.

A year later she got her DUI and side swiped a cop car, she denied she was on drugs or drunk. The charges were dropped and she got 3 years probation. Another year later was when shit truly got crazy. She was tweeting the most reckless shit about microchips in her brain, being molested and asking drake to “Murder her pussy”, not even fake news. She even started taking taking risqué mirror pics. This was happening nonstop, I honestly turned on twitter alerts for all her tweets. She threw a bong out the window but denied she did that even thou there were pictures of it lmaooo. Then a random twitter account called PerisanLa27 started to tweet saying it was her, people were convinced it was her other personality. Legit her tweets made it seem as if she was two people, so even I was convinced after this girl uploaded pictures of Amanda no one has seen before it really was the other her.

Amanda however claimed this person hacked her phone and its all a prank. I don’t know girl, where there is smoke there fire hun! The final straw, sadly was when she attempted to set her dog on fire in someones lawn. Thankfully her parents got involved and got a Britney Spears type conservatorship over her and it was reported she suffered from bipolar discover and schizophrenia. Ugh I just feel so bad for her, I just wanna give her a hug. Since there she has been on the low and was enrolled in school for fashion. We haven’t heard anything too cray cray lately and she uploaded an ADORABLE selfie and sad AF tweet for Mac Miller including a tweet he sent at her. I honestly teared up. I truly believe she’s in a good place now and when she is ready imma be the first one to show up to WHATEVER she does. May it be a fashion line or a new show or movie. My ass will be there!


I truly would NEVER let my kid be a child star. It sounds like HELL! All that work and pressure and creeps around them hell no. I don’t know what happened to make her just all of a sudden have a break down but some believe it had something to do with her childhood (cough cough a CERTAIN children show producer). She says she wants to act again so im hoping that 2019 is the year of Amanda Bynes and we will look back at that crazy time as just a sub note on her wikipedia page. TO AMANDA BYNES ❤

Xoxo she can play my funny cray cray neighbor in the new sitcom I’m writing called, “Daddy’s Girls” filmed in front of a live studio audience


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