Friday Thoughts: What happens to prisoners during hurricanes?

After my two weeks of hell working for the Clinton campaign in Philly, I moved down south to my aunts beach house on Carolina Beach in North Carolina. Ugh so classy & so jealous, it was like some HGTV shit, her sugar daddy treats her REAL good. This is the same Carolina Beach that is in the eye of the storm. How lit would it be if I was there right now live streaming the hurricane. I would prob die, but it would make for some AMAZING footage & sexy music video for my website. There was one hurricane I was gonna stay down there for but my uncle said the WiFi would cut out so I said hell no and left.

Okay I’m getting side tracked, what this post is about is prisoners during hurricanes. What do we do with them? Do we transport them to other prisons or do we leave them there? This is America what do you think…. obviously we leave them there. How fucked up. Despite the crimes they may have done, it’s so inhuman to leave them to die, even I have a heart.

In South Carolina, there are two prisons in the path of the storm, a possible category 5 storm, and the prisoners are forced to stay put. Everyone else is told to have an emergency evacuation, but them. The prison officials said, “this is safer” okay bitch then you stay put there too. What happens if it’s so bad, like in New Orleans and they are forced to wait for days till help comes.

What happened to prisoners in New Orleans was beyond fucked up. Thousands of prisoners were left in horrific conditions for days. Prison guards evacuated themselves(dicks) and prisoners spent 5 days alone in chest high water. After a generator blew, they had no lights or food. It’s rumored 517 prisoners died but prison officials deny that. I don’t trust their ass already so I reject their denial. What’s even more messed up, a 1/3 of the prisoners were just awaiting trial, not even convicted of a crime yet.

Florida did the same thing last year with over 4,500 prisoners left in hell during a hurricane and guards found prison cells with mold and shit everywhere. How nasty, prisons are for profit now so why waste the money transporting prisoners to other prisons. When you can leave them there to die at zero cost to you.

Not all prisons are like this, in Texas last year they transported prisoners from 4 jails to safer areas. That’s what we should be doing! What happens if a tree falls or some shit and they riot and get out. A hurricane is already scary but a hurricane with loose prisoners sounds like a horror film. Okay wait that’s amazing I’m deff making that into a movie I just trademarked it, try me bitch. I’ll sue you.

Xoxo stop being a cold bitch, have them in your prayers

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