WTF happened to Fan BingBing, aka why is China so scary?

Fan BingBing’s is like the Chinese equivalent to someone like Beyonce. She is a hugely popular actress, businesswoman ,model and just down right CUTE! So when she disappeared after a tax scandal it truly shook people, in China because America’s are too busy worrying about what Trump just tweeted. Could you imagine if one day Beyonce just disappeared and no one heard for her for months, that would be all over TMZ. People would have protests in the streets, raising hell until she was released. Well China’s hell scary so shit like that don’t fly. They will make you disappear! Everyone is afraid of Russia, girl please, China terrifies me. They monitor every part of their citizens lives. Have cameras that can recognize faces and now even give people social scores.  You think America is bad, try living over there. Don’t get me wrong, I love Chinese culture and “The Last Emperor” is one of my favorite movies. But from social media to even what you can search on google, everything is censored. People can’t have twitter campaigns asking to release Fan BingBing because China will block it all. Its hella scary, talk about needing a life.

Fan BingBing

Basically a recap of what happened with Fan BingBing(I love that name BTW), in May of this year a television presenter published an imagine of a document showing a contract for a job an Chinese actress was going to be paid 10 million yuan for. He then released another contract for the same job but this one was for 60 million. So what he was alleging here is that this actress was using the 1.6 million dollar contract for tax reasons but was really being paid 60 million yuan. Also known as tax fraud. They say this is very common in China for celebrities because China limits how much people can get paid. Okay imagine the bitch fit Cardi B would throw if congress limited her checks. She would pop.

China is legit that crazy, because they are a communist country they don’t want to flaunt wealth because that promotes capitalism. Okay well that is just not how society works, a bitch gotta eat! People in China started to narrow down who it could be and determined that the contract was for Fan BingBing. Her team denied the allegations but then she disappeared so I think that answers that question. Her last public appearance was on July 1st and was last active on social media on July 23rd, but who even knows if she actually tweets or hires someone to do it. So for months legit no one heard from her and have zero clue where she was. The Chinese News couldn’t even really report on it because China censors the news.

Finally after months of wondering if she was dead, on a long ass vacay or if she escaped to America, on October 3rd the Chinese Authorities ordered Fan to pay 883 million yuan in taxes, fines and penalties. If she doesn’t, she will be prosecuted. She better start selling some houses and fur coats! Of course only she gets charged for this when it sounds like mad people in China do it. Will they start cracking down on everyone? Or just baby girl Fan BingBing. Yesterday she broke her silence and apologized for what happened and thanked the Chinese Government in an almost robotic letter. Yeah some government official deff wrote that or held a gun to her.

Fan BingBing has been in many Hollywood movies including the X-men series so I’am hella shocked this story wasn’t more mainstream! She was even set to star “335” with Jessica Chastain and Lupita Nyong’o. Did any of them shoot her a text saying “Yoo girl you good?”. Are we that afraid of China? I AM! They have whole hacking units dedicated to hacking governments. They prob are the ones hacking our webcams. Watching and listening, learning our every move. I’ve legit been getting calls that are recordings of a Chinese women speaking….its so scary! At first I thought I owed a nail salon money, but its not! I asked May May! Listen below…..

I wonder if this “scandal” will kill Fan’s career or make her even more famous. I theorize that all this censoring and legit being psychos will backfire on the Chinese Government. The government is just a handful of people, one day the people will come together and raise hell. Because limiting peoples checks and deleting their memes will make a bitch pissed.

Xoxo count your blessings America

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