Columbus day is like really gross

Columbus Day is lit because you get off from school, but other than that, its gross. How the hell do we have a day to celebrate someone who discovered central America, not even North America. Dumbass. Also he was a rapist, brought over mad diseases and killed natives left and right. We support that? He is deadass a murder and y’all want ME to celebrate his bitch ass?Nah i’m like really good.

That’s like Germany celebrating Adolf Hitler day and forcing Jewish people to celebrate it. People would throw the biggest bitch fits. As they should! But because Columbus day is only offensive towards natives, most Americans don’t care. They just view it as a day off to smoke cigarettes. Well it’s offensive towards me. I’m not cool with rape.

Trump tweeted, “Christopher Columbus’s spirit of determination and adventure has provided inspiration to generations of Americans”. GROSS! He wasn’t kidding when he said determination. I was reading how Columbus kidnapped a Caribbean woman so his crew members had someone to rape. Such a nice boss?  Is this why we have a rape crisis in America? We are just following in Columbus’s foot steps. From his own words, “She let forth such incredible screams that you would not have believed your ears”. Who rapes someone then writes about it? A sick fuck that’s who.

We need to change this day to Indigenous Peoples Day. Lets celebrate the people who REALLY found America. Natives have some boss ass stories that I love! Lets make movies on that, not about Christopher Columbus’s rapist ass. Wait isn’t it weird that we get this day off but we don’t get a day off for federal elections. Is that on purpose? Papi thinks so.

Xoxo stop making rapist mainstream

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