Why is Microsoft Windows such ass????

At my new job( I can’t disclose where because my boss is super religious so if she saw my website all hell would break loose) we use Microsoft Windows. Now I used to be a Microsoft baby but then I grew up. My first laptop was an HP I used to think it was the shit. Till I dropped it and it literally became shit. It shattered real quick, classic china plastic. Windows 8 was on it so it was actually useful in school. I ALWAYS had the dopest Powerpoints. I liked Windows 8, because it was legit basic as fuck but still cute looking. There wasn’t all this extra bullshit, unlike Windows now.

Windows now is beyond garbage. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been using a MacBook for 8 years now so I’m not used to it, but it’s so confusing! It’s like eating box, I don’t know where to start. The start button used to just be where your programs are. Now it’s full of these ugly ass useless titles. I don’t wanna fucking draw, I need Excel. I tried to change this but all it does is allow me to change the color… WTF STOP BEING EXTRA. Was this made for a child?

I keep on getting pop ups asking me to link my phone to my computer so I can work from home. Bitch bye, like I would trust you. Stop acting like I have a Windows phone! Side note… for all you non Apple bitches how do you send your friends videos longer than a minute? Anytime I try to get someone to send me something they can’t. It says it’s too big for texting and too big for email. So wtf do you do?? You can’t airdrop?? Not having apple products is legit hell. How do y’all live?

The most annoying feature is the fucking notifications. Can they leave me alone? I’m not updating Adobe or Office. I ain’t got time for that. And every time I do update it makes everything slower. Windows needs to go back to being basic bitches. Stop doing the most!

Remember the times when people would share XP disks. Legit everyone had Windows, only the rich kids had MacBooks. Talk about a complete 180 from today. My mom was the Windows XP plug. She always bought the disk, and spilt it with her girlies. So basically the Geek squad crack dealer. Then they changed it so you can only download it on two computers, what pricks!

Windows needs to hire me, I’ll redesign that garbage. Make it simple, yet effective. I’m trying to convince my boss to get MacBooks but new tits are cheaper than that. Mac’s are more money but they cause less headaches. This world needs less headaches. I know my ass surely does.

Xoxo I would bring my laptop in but I have too many nudes of Mama Dutches on it

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