Is Synthetic Weed like crack, a creation of the CIA(and no don’t call me Alex Jones)

Okay you’re probably thinking I’m some crazy Alex Jones type loon right now but I’m being serious. Think of all the crime and murders going on in Syracuse right now. Left and right people are being shot, with no care in the world. The worst part is the people dying from this are innocent bystanders, just minding their own. Why is it like this?

Normally the crime raises when it’s hot out but it’s been type brick lately. We know it’s all ganged linked but it’s never been this bad. Or maybe it has and the news been hush hush about it like they are with the Destiny USA cockroaches. My belief is, this nasty ass synthetic weed(aka spike) is fucking people up bigly, making them go all insane. This shit is fucking with people minds and it’s scary. Isn’t it convenient that this mostly hits inner-cities and low income areas. Why is that? I understand that this shit is hella cheap so maybe that’s why but legit go to mad city corner stores and you can buy this shit! What scares me is people are mixing real weed with this garbage. If you don’t trust your dealer, DON’T SMOKE IT!

Have you ever seen the videos of people on spike before? Shit is legit the walking dead. They look and act like zombies, its terrifying. My girlies trashy ex’s mom and her boyfriend smoked a dutch of this stuff before and legit she went from mom to the Hulk real quick. She started to beat her mans ass with no cares in the world. I took a hit of this before like 6 years ago when it first came out. It was $10 an eighth so everyone was hyped nation. I took a hit and wanted to gag. She legit went to a corner story on the North side, asked for Scooby snacks and got a pouch of it. Um wtf, why was that so easy! I describe it as a white trash high that gives you the worst headache ever after you came down from it. I knew immediately God deff wouldn’t want me smoking that.

So I was like nah if it ain’t made by God, I don’t want it! I’ve seen people in the past addicted to this stuff but then it like died off. It hasn’t been till recent I’ve been seen it everywhere. Videos on WorldStar and Facebook showing people cracked out on this stuff. Legit having seizures on the ground, scary ass stuff! If you don’t know how they make it, they legit get potpourri and marinate it with chemicals. The chemicals keep on changing because things keep on getting banned. It’s like pimples, you get rid of one and 4 more pop up.

I just find it so convenient that this stuff is mostly in poor areas. Just like crack cocaine was in the 90’s. Are both a secret form of genocide? A little history lesson, our government had a boner for communism. We did whatever it took to end or prevent nations that wanted to be communist. We have over thrown more nations then there are real housewives franchises, that’s why I laugh when people cry Russian collusion. Nah we do the colluding!

In the 80’s the CIA was selling Iran weapons to fund the Nicaraguan Contra’s. A group of right wing “freedom” fighters against the Nicaragua Communist government. Selling weapons to Iran was illegal so it was all done hush hush. Till someone snitched obviously! So after Congress got involved and said end this shit. The CIA started to look for new sources of income. That’s when they decided, why not sell some of the cocaine they had in storage to raise funds for the contras!

Now cocaine on it own is profitable but if you dilute it or cut it with other stuff you can more than triple your profit. That’s when crack cocaine came around, as a way to make cocaine with almost nothing. Ice and baking soda is all you need baby! Trust me, I’ve seen “Get rich or die trying”. This stuff started to flood the streets killing people due to how addicting and powerful it is. If you don’t believe this story is REAL NEWS, EAT ASS, the look up Freeway Ricky Ross, and watch the documentary on it.

Is spike the new crack cocaine? How else is all this shit coming from China? I understand you can’t search every box coming in but come on. Y’all bust people importing knock off Gucci purses but not this shit? We need to get this shit out of our communities before it’s too late! If everyone smoked NORMAL weed there would be less violence. How do I know? Because everyone will be too busy laughing and eating to beef.

Xoxo put the spike down Becky

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