The day after Halloween is National Who’s a Racist Day

The day after Halloween is honestly my favorite day. Why? Because it’s when we find out what DUMBASS dressed up using black face. Its like do you wanna get jumped? For those of you who don’t know what black face is, let papi enlighten you.

So basically, back in the early days of Hollywood, they were MADD racist. Even more than they are today. When they wanted a villain or needed some comic relief they would created a black character. They would portray them as stupid, dumb, animals out to rape y’all white women. AS IF! To add insult to injury, they wouldn’t use black actors. They would paint white actors black using make up. This turned black people into a joke and it’s fueled stereotypes across America. People are mad dumb, they believe anything the sliver screen tells them.


Eventually they started hiring black actors and the practice was frown upon(unless you grew up with Megyn Kelly).But they treated the actors like shit and paid them next to nothing. Classic Hollywood. Look up the racist Looney Toons cartoons that were so bad they pulled them from air. Hollywood has ALWAYS been racists little bitches. Years later Warner Brothers released them on DVD with an intro by Whoopi Goldberg explaining that yeah they’re racist but we shouldn’t change history.

Unlike Disney, they made a racist cartoon-live action movie called “Songs of the South”. A movie about a house slave who tells a young boy fun stories about Ba’re Rabbit. It makes slavery look like a ball of fun, story time all the time! All play, NO WORK! This is where the “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah” song comes from. Years after it was released Disney decided it was racist and never aired or released it again.

With black face having such a nasty history you think no one would be stupid enough to do it. Sadly in America people are. Every year on the day after Halloween we see what idiot did black face and now face public shaming as they should! You do the painting, you do the suffering. Why face the ridicule and pimples from the face paint. Its always the same, a white lady dresses up as Beyonce but because her costume is basic as shit she decides she needs to paint her face black so people she’s Beyonce. Girl we aint blind.  If that’s the case, CHANGE YOUR COSTUME BECKY! Or some frat dude does Lil Wayne and it consists of a big chain and black face. How boring are these people. Zero effort. I hope his ass loses his scholarship and his future Wall Street job. Because now when you search their names on Google, RACIST comes up.

I do NOT feel bad when idiots do this shit and get fired from their job or lose their scholarship or my personal favorite, kicked out of school. People need to learn you can’t do this shit anymore and get away with it. There is consequences to your racist actions. So when Megyn Kelly said “back in her days” this was normal I was jaw dropped. Bitch when? People have always been salty about this. You went to Syracuse University, as I did. I would of LOVED to see peoples reaction if you did that at a Lancaster Ave Party.

Xoxo i’m going as JonBenet Ramsey this year, anyone copies me I will CUT you

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