If he bleeds while flossing, DON’T give him your number

Okay not to sound like a dick but having gross ass teeth is a pet peeve of mine. I can NOT keep a conversation with someone who has yellow teeth with bleeding gums. I’m not even saying they have to be straight, I love me a gap. I find them adorable and sassy. But at least brush them and for god sake FLOSS!

People do NOT understand how important flossing is. Do you not realize your shitty toothbrush doesn’t reach between your teeth. You need to get all that garlic and coke out of your gums ASAP! This is why your breath be type NASTY! And if you think people can’t smell it, THEY CAN! We have a group chat about it!

I could never wake up next to someone with nasty ass teeth. Ain’t no way you getting a good morning kiss with that rank ass breathe. I have cousins with legit rotten snagle teeth. Every time he would kiss my moms cheek I would lowkey cry for her. As soon as we left you know my ass Clorox wipes the hell out of her cheek. Why be known as the kid NO auntie wants some lovin’ from!

If you don’t care about yourself at least care about your teeth. Do you really want gingivitis? Shit is NASTY! Ain’t nobody wanna see blood come from your gums! YUCK! My baby girl has no dental insurance and I feel so bad! America needs to include that shit with Obamacare. Poor teeth hygiene will cause you mad trouble down the road. People gotta get teeth pulled which isn’t cheap. Wanna know what’s cheap? Flossing your damn teeth.

It’s like do people want us to end up like the British? Not to judge but they aren’t know for their perfect teeth. America is heading that way! One of my mom friends is type poor so they have the “low income” United Healthcare. Which legit no dentist office takes because they can’t rape these people in fees. So the dentist office they can go to see mad ghetto and type sketchy! Plus the wait list is a joke I feel so bad, 9 month wait for a teeth clean is unholy. Can people stop being dicks? Y’all getting paid one way or another stop being greedy!

So next time your downtown and a dude ask for your number. Pull out floss and ask him to floss, if his gums bleed FUCKING RUN! He is not worth it honey. Hot or not, ain’t nobody wanna wake up next to a Walmart greeter!

Xoxo my dentist say my perfect teeth turn her on, ur welcome

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