Imma keep it real, I DON’T CARE WHO YOU VOTED FOR

I know this may offend a group of people who think the world is on fire. But I’m honestly OVER people and to keep it real, mostly celebrities, shoving it down our throats who they are voting for. Unless I ask you, don’t tell me. Y’all being beyond annoying at this point. I seriously don’t care. This is a democracy, vote for who you want to. Don’t let people shame you into voting for the shitty candidate just because you want them to leave you the hell alone.

I understand the desire to influence people’s opinions but you just sound so whiny at this point. What happened to the days of people voting and leaving it at the polls? For years my mom never told us who she voted for, till Obama and obviously Trump. I liked it that way. We later found out she wasn’t actually voting but instead meeting her boyfriend. But still at least she wasn’t coming home screaming in my face I VOTED FOR GORE.

Celebrities were the same way. They rarely got involved in politics, besides Jane Fonda visiting Vietnam. But now legit left and right we have celebrities telling US who to vote for, as if any of us asked. We have poor people problems, YOU don’t. Young people may be influenced by who Cardi B is voting but let’s be real they ain’t voting. And old people are already influenced by Fox News.

I’m not saying they should shut up and sing but I’m saying stop harassing us. I wanna laugh on Instagram, not hear you bitch about Trump or how you’re voting for Cuomo (Amy Schumer). That’s proof  people like her are stuck in their own bubble with zero clue on how people in Upstate New York are living. They don’t give a fuck about us, they just want the free publicity.

Even more annoying, we now have companies being extra as fuck as well. I love the get out and vote campaigns but leave it at. People are getting turned off by all this extra-ness. The cruel campaign Ads are such a turn off. Katko’s commercials are so negative and down right lies. They’re almost comical at this point.

Everyone’s afraid of saying who they voted for cause if it’s not the mainstream choice, you’re gonna get your ass beat or worse…. shamed on social media. Lets go back to the time of voting and leaving it at that.  I wish we lived in a time were we looked at the candidate’s personal beliefs and NOT their political party. I truly don’t give a fuck what their political party is. I wanna know their life story, what makes them believe the things they do. But instead everyone’s so worried about how many seats the Democrats and Republicans have blah blah blah. I’m SOOO over it my God I just wanna know how they stand on the issues!

Xoxo so everyone better vote today and honestly shut up till the next election.

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