Bitch you know me, say hi

I’m all about having a bomb ass attitude to all.  If I know you, my ass gonna scream “heyyyyy girl hey”. Even if I haven’t seen you in years, I’mma still make you feel REAL special. So when I don’t get the same in return, but instead a nasty ass cold shoulder. Imma forever remember that and ban you from my funeral. How cruel can you be? Why make shit awkward? Were you raised in a barn?

This past weekend I legit saw someone from high school downtown. We weren’t close but we still knew each other. I guess SHE forgot where she came from. I gave her the classic “hey girl hey” and instead of giving me the respect I deserve by giving me side kisses, she looked me up and down and walked away. Does she not realize TT does MMA now? It’s like she is begging for a can of whoop ass.

Even God saw that shit and to be honest, even he was grossed out. She is obviously NOT a follower of MY God because he teaches us manners. It’s truly sad to see bitches be bitter like that. Like I’m truly sorry I didn’t pay enough attention to you in high school. It’s was just so hard to be fabulous 24/7 while maintaining Asian like grades. So for now on every time I see this bitch imma make her ass feel so awkward by giving a dramatic ass HEY GIRL. I could just ignore her ass and slowly make her regret living, but I’m a catholic so I gotta be petty.

She doesn’t know what lies in my future. I could become rich as shit and she poor as crack, wanting to beg me for a hand out. And i’m hella nice so I would OF given her a couple thousands to get her & her stink family back on their feet, but instead she will get a high interest loan. I’m nice to all because that one weirdo I say hi to can be my meal ticket to stardom, she should do the same!

Xoxo with all that makeup she’s luckily I even entertained her

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