, Queen of Corporate Welfare

It always makes me giggle like a school girl when I hear rich pricks bitch about people on public assistance, but are quite when it comes to corporate welfare, which is costing tax payers more. Constantly we hear about businesses like Destiny USA begging like peasants for a tax break, AND WE GIVE IT TO THEM. Destiny has like a 25 year tax break for that giant Soviet Union looking ass box, and that’s on top of the tax break they got when the mall first open in 1990. All that does is take away money from the schools and shitty roads, which badly needs improvements. This happens all too often, I understand the need to make things profitable to attract businesses but at this point our politicians look like sluts.

Every couple of years we hear about Lockheed Martin threatening to close and what do we do? Suck them off by giving them a tax break, enough is enough. Make the laws needed to end this bullshit. They threaten to take jobs over seas, then tax the hell out of them like Trump wants too. Don’t do what Cuomo did to Amazon and basically give them the keys to the city.

Amazon is a dope ass company but honestly shady as shit. They’re like the tech Monsanto. When Amazon announced they wanted a second headquarters, they basically visited every American city glory hole and who whoever blew them best won. Well in true Politics meet reality TV form we had a plot twist! They picked two cities instead of two, Long Island City and near Virginia Tech. I always knew Cuomo was good at head.

The tax packages these cities have given Amazon truly are sick. Mind you Virginia and New York already has a packed subway and highway system. Can you say gonna be late for work? Is Amazon gonna pay to upgrade the transportation system? No, the tax payers are like we are literally paying for Jeff Bezo’s helipad. Forget replacing decade old water pipes or our inner city school. Instead let’s give a bunch of rich white people more hand outs! This shit is honestly racist. Jobs like Amazon hire more white people because only they can afford the high ass rent it takes to work at Amazon. And of course we are subsidizing the pay. Amazon expects the average wage will be more than $150,000 a year. New York will be paying about $48,000 of that amount. And Virginia about $22,000 for each salary. Is that worth it? I guess will see……

Between Virginia and New York, Amazon is getting over $2.5 Billion in tax subsides. That is less that 5% of Amazon’s revenue LAST QUARTER! They have so much money but are so fucking stingy its sicken. $2.5 billion can go a long way, even can help relieve a chunk of our growing student debt, which in a couple years will be a worse crash than 2008.  New York alone is giving $1.7 billion in subsides, which Lawmaker Ron Kim wants to block. Finally someone is speaking up. While everyone else is praising this “deal” while some people like him and Alexandria Osasio-Cortez are actually bringing awareness to how fucked this is.

Amazon keeps on gloating that they are bringing over 50,000 new jobs to these two locations but that isn’t jobs for current residents. It’s for people currently at Amazon in Seattle or elsewhere around America. This will only raise rents and push poorer people out, gentrification on steroids. Amazon will tell them they aren’t qualified, but maybe they can get a shitty warehouse job where they have to pee in bottles.

Amazon plans on spending $5 billion on the two locations but because a majority of this money is coming from MY TAXES I should get prime for free. Amazon only picked Virginia so they can suck politicians dicks with less travel. Tax breaks this big should be a public referendum, its our money we should have a say in where it goes.

Something this big should go in a smaller-middle America city. This could of revitalized the parts of America still suffering by the recession. But instead we made New York City even richer and allowed  Amazon to open a congressional glory hole. I am BEYOND over dumbasses like Cuomo giving his rich buddies handouts while taking away the benefits from people who actually need it. All this did was give Cuomo more voters and just jacked the rent up.

Xoxo bye bye to anyone on section 8

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