I’m finally emotionally stable enough to talk about A Star is Born

As a lifelong Lady Gaga fan, I knew I would love “A Star is Born”, little did I know how emotional this movie would make me! The story line is so similar to Lady Gaga’s own career(besides the ending obvs) its creepy. From the start of her career to now, people have always called her ugly and said she had a weird face so she would never be famous. When she finally did become famous people started nasty rumors that she was transgender. Boy Please.

I first became a Little Monster(so gay lol) in 9th grade of high school and yes everyone made fun of me. She wasn’t just another pop singer, she added theatrics to everything she did, which I thrive to do as well. Her Paparazzi VMA performance where she is dripping blood, hanging dead honestly was the greatest award show performance ever. So much raw talent but it wasn’t enough for Hollywood. Like the main girl in A Star is Born, Hollywood wanted Lady Gaga to be a puppet of their shitty pop music. Trying to make my talented queen into something she is not.

I think that’s why her album “Artpop” wasn’t as successful, because it wasn’t hers. It was what her label and creative director wanted. This is why she fired them and started over. Her latest album “Joanne” was back to basics literally, no extra ass pop songs about boys. Instead its an acoustic album about just having fun & being independent as fuck, while drinking wine with your gals. I’ve always wondered if Lady Gaga was going to be a phase and this movie & her comeback is proof she is NOT!

I took my baby girl to see it a week after it premiered. I wanted to see it opening night with Mama Dutches, but some SELFISH skank told her the ending like some nasty ass bimbo. If she did that to me, there would of been a funeral. Only a bitch with the coldest heart would do something like that. I was nervous to witness Lady Gaga’s first major role but GIRL KILLS IT! She’s funny, vulnerable, emotional, sassy and I don’t even need to tell you how good the singing is. This movie is long but goes by quick, one minute you’re dancing to “Heal me” the next you’re balling your eyes out to “I’ll never love again”. That song and scene gets me every time. I legit left the theater in tears and with my jaw dropped, but maybe I’m just dramatic as shit. Ugh I wanna discuss the ending but I ain’t no spoiler bitch. Hit me up after y’all see it!

This movie is the 4th remake of the original movie that came out in the 1940’s. I’ve only seen this one and the Judy Garland version which is even more amazing. I love me some Gaga but Judy’s performance is breathtaking. I deadass get emotional thinking about how Hollywood chewed and spit her out. At the start of her career they were giving her drugs to make her stay awake to film during long hours, cigarettes to curb her appetite, which caused a life long eating disorder and liquor to ease her pain. She was so talented but Hollywood didn’t care, they only cared about getting a couple dollars out of her. The songs are so good and the ending is similar but more emotional in my opinion. Ugh I could say so much about Judy but thats a article for another day.

People please watch this movie, you will NOT regret it. If Lady Gaga doesn’t get an Oscar for this role imma throw the biggest bitch fit ever. Shallow is the most famous song from the movie but that’s only one of legit 19 amazing songs. Okay now I need to watch this again. I’ve already pre-ordered the movie on iTunes so hit me up for a movie night! And yes I also bought the Judy Garland one, I was THAT impressed! Both Judy and Lady Gaga were MEANT for this role. Its like the movie is a biopic of their life but way more dramatic.

Xoxo I wish a drunk famous singer would come and sweep me off my feet

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