Remember when America came together to mutually hate Taylor Swift for legit no reason

I feel like old daddy used to go with the trends. If one persons is being publicly shammed, my ass jumped in. If Taylor Swift is the current hated celebrity of the month, my ass has something to say. None of those people have anything to do with me, so why do I even care? Example, take that Chiptole manager accused of not serving black people because she was “Racist”. I shared the video, made a “RACIST BITCH” tweet, without even waiting for all the facts. Two days later it was revealed that those same kids have dined and dashed in the past & even tweeted about doing it, ballsy. Thankfully she got her job back and over $10,000 from Gofundme but still, the damage was done.

People LIVE to attack others just to feel better about themselves, I USED to be guilty of that. But now I’m in such an AMAZING place(mentally, not physically) in my life so why be bitters towards others, it causes black heads. A prime example of jumping on the social hating bandwagon, is how lets be real, all of America hated Taylor Swift like 2 years ago. I don’t know if it was because of how secretive she was and that annoyed people, or the infamous, Kayne/Kim Kardashian feud with her. Either way legit everyone was calling her a snake because she supposedly lied about like a verse in Kanye’s song Famous. Again, WHO THE FUCK CARES. There is deadass slavery going on in Libya, that is a REAL issue we should care about, not this bullshit.

For a while, the alt-right liked Taylor because she didn’t speak on politics so they assumed she was a Trump fan. The left hated her for the same reason, she didn’t speak on politics during the 2016 election. Which I liked! Why do we care who she is voting for? She isn’t in my tax bracket so her issues aren’t mine. We need to learn to let people live their life my God, America is so noisy. It’s like we can enjoy her music and enjoy her concerts, but as soon as she leaves the stage, her life should be private. So what if she dated a couple of guys, its not like she fucking all these dudes like my baby girls do! I just think she wants to be Hannah Montana and enjoy the best of both worlds. Legit she couldn’t even have a 4th of July party with out the paparazzi taking pictures from miles away. I would be terrified to walk around my house naked!

To be honest, I just think people were annoyed at how rich and successful she was at such a young age, jealousy is a disease. Home girl owns mad houses because she is so smart with her money, honestly that’s why I look up to her, can she take over my finances. She isn’t buying the fanciest cars or gold chains, instead she’s buying real estate and investing a majority of her money.

But whats even more amazing is she isn’t selfish like OTHERS. When her contract with Big Machine was up, all the record labels were begging for her. All she wanted was the masters to her songs, meaning she owed all current and future royalties from her music. Which BTW is a big deal, its one of the reasons why Michael Jackson was so rich. But that’s not all, she also demeaned that who ever signed her, had to give 100% of all the profits from selling their stake in Spotify, which only Universal agreed to.

That is a HUGE deal, like honestly she just help correct a fucked up situation. Basically artist make like nothing off streaming services like Pandora, Apple Music & Spotify. Last I knew it was like .003 cents for every 1,000 listens, I could be wrong, whatever I’m not a scientist. The point is they make legit nothing and the money they do get is divided between them, the producers, songwriters and their manager. So in the end they get nothing, because Taylor is a boss bitch and writes her own music, she gets to take more profit. So she didn’t even do this for her, she did it to help the newer artist not making as much.

She did the same when Apple Music came out, they weren’t going to pay artists when people used a free trial. So she refused to allow Apple Music to play her music, till they changed their tune(which MAY have been all a big PR stunt). Apple Music pays their artists the most but its still not a lot. Taylor is a independent ass bitch, so the fact we all hated her for legit no reason is crazy to me, we honestly don’t even know her. She seems HELLA nice & seams real as fuck, during the Kesha & Dr. Luke lawsuit, Taylor was paying some of the legal fees. She did it to help Kesha, NOT for the attention. Like my friends won’t even buy me a vodka soda! So if Taylor ever reads this, I’M SORRY for being nasty! Can we be friends?

Xoxo I can’t wait to have people jealous of me just because I’m rich & not because I get to see TT naked

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