Is saving $10 dollars really worth the Misdemeanor CATHY?

Listen, daddy loves a bargain just like every lower-middle class skank, but I ain’t gonna fight a bitch over it? Is saving $10 dollars really worth a misdemeanor? They’re gonna have the same sale in 2 weeks, stop looking like a ghetto ass baby girl, everyone on Facebook is judging you, me included.

Black Friday used to be a gay old time of waking up at 3 am to camp outside Best Buy. People were normal, not banshees. It was fun until the internet. As soon as the internet hit people turned into trash. Fighting people over toaster ovens, cutting the line so they get shot and honestly just being down right scum. I would NEVER entertain Black Friday anymore, I’m not trying to die over an Apple Watch.

Why can’t Black Friday be like the Mackenzie Child’s sale? Moms sipping on wine & mixed drinks, waiting patiently for their turn. The only fighting I saw was over the last of the mimosas. How much fun would that be, drinking while waiting in line, getting trashed by the time the doors open. Instead the alcohol will only cause more fights cause again, Americans are trash. I believe it’s due to the drinking water.

The internet is where it’s at. I like that I can order online and not get my ass grabbed while waiting in line. Do these people fighting realize the internet is forever? I can still find the Black Friday video from high school where two girls fight over bras & crotchless panties at Victoria Secret. If you can’t afford it at full price, you don’t deserve it honey.

Xoxo is there black Friday weed specials?

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