Snapchat hoes grab those 1099’s, let’s beat this thot audit!!

I’m all about my girlies getting a come up, may it be legal or not, who am I to judge! I’m Catholic, but not a judgey one like your grandma. So when my girlie told me about 3 months ago she was selling pussy pics on Snapchat for cash, I was like okay how can I help! Money is money, and hell if I can get a cut, I’ll bring my lighting kit. Editing nudes is a part time hobby.

Homegirl has made almost $800 sending random dudes pics of her tits, box and feet. Feet pics are $15, tits are $20, videos of her shimming is $50. More “risqué” videos and pics start at $100 & come with a free baseball trading card nudey pic. She tries to cover her face but it’s hard cause she has a big ass nose. My baby girl was loving her new job, which allowed her the freedom to be a stay at home with her little guy, while still making an income! She loved waking up everyday, putting on paw patrol while “mommy worked” until…..the thot audit.

Loser ass dudes are jealous of these female entrepreneurs, so they now are turning these girls into the IRS for failure to report their horny income. Because this money is sent via Snapchat cash, then deposited directly into your bank account, it’s considered income. If you suspect someone of not reporting income you can snitch on them by filing out a 3949-A. If the IRS investigates and finds your claim true, you could receive a cut of the profit. Okay how fucked is that but lowkey funny.

Snapchat makes hoeing easy & headache free. Snapchat “erases” the picture after the amount of seconds you set. So this allows my girls to get paid, & HOPEFULLY not have this picture haunt them down the line. This was a get opportunity to get some side cash & honestly not die. Why are people trying to stop this! Would you rather them walking up & down Salina street turning tricks for Juul pens?

Ain’t nobody got time for taxes! Wtf tax category would this even fall into? Onondaga County’s 8% sales tax? According to the IRS website this IS money they have to report. But like go after all the rich scum bags, NOT my pussy pics babes. In the IRS’s opinion they would be considered sole proprietors of their nudie business. So like they could even form LLC’s and make this shit legit! Let’s get working on those 1099, so we can beat these jealous ass baby dick men.

Xoxo hit my girl up @ClemonClit83……….. until the IRS shuts her down

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