Killers of the Flower Moon: How Americans forced Natives off their land then killed them one by one

God has a funny way of working. You brag about being rich, God indicts your husband for tax fraud. You hold Native American tribes at gun point and force them off their land and relocate them, God strikes them rich with underground oil. One would think, okay let the natives have the profits from the oil, we’ve destroyed their culture enough. BOY BYE! You obviously must not know the cruel and nasty history of America.

How we killed & skinned Natives for sport. How we took their land then introduced liquor as a slow and sinister way of killing them. We legit just can’t leave them the hell alone, its stalkerish at this point. Even today we have pricks like Governor Cuomo opening casinos because he is jealous of the Natives non-taxed profits from their casinos. So what did he do? Opened state supported casinos which not even 2 years later all of them are struggling, I love it. Karma Bitch!

But this article isn’t about Cuomo’s stupidity or his corruption, instead it’s a part of American history so fucked it’s been erased from our history books. I’m always reading random stories or watching documentaries on history and this story was new to me. Until I read “Killers of the Flower Moon” by David Grann. Not gonna lie I only heard about it because Leonardo DiCaprio is making it into a movie, which is dope! We need more stories like this in the public knowledge. Sadly these stories are “forgotten” because they make America look like the villains we honestly are.

Without ruining the plot, the book follows the Osage Tribe in Oklahoma. After being hauled to Oklahoma like Cattle, they were left poor and homeless. But God came thru with a come up, they had a shit ton of oil under their land and they owned it all. In their contract with the United States Government, they owned all the minerals under their land. This allowed them to sell the drilling rights for legit millions thus turning them from poor to rich over night. Like winning the lottery, this brings out the vultures and I am NOT talking about the IRS. White trash folks were jealous of the Osage Tribe and this created issues. One by one, Osage Tribe members started to die in mysterious ways.

The Medical Reports would say death due to suicide or alcohol poisoning but lets be for real, any fan of Desperate Housewives know that’s bullshit. I won’t spoil the ending but lets just say ITS CRAY! I was on the edge of my seat trying to figure out who is behind all this? I knew it was a white dude but what one? Was it the doctor? The town banker? The trustees who controlled the Osage Tribe money? Or even more evil, their own family members. Papi won’t tell, so your ass gonna have to read the book!

The amount of Osage members dying was being swept under the rug until the United States formed the FBI to investigate cases local governments would not. I think Leonardo will definitely play the main FBI agent investigating this case. This guy was a bad ass. Legit without the actions of him and the Osage Tribe, no one would of been arrested for these crimes. But of course J. Edgar Hoover took all the credit, he was a bitch in the sheets and the streets.

This book is a breeze to read, no useless page filler, just gets to the point. Which is Americans have repeatedly fucked over the Natives, its truly sad. As a cracker, I’m honestly sorry.  The author splits the book in a way I loved, him telling the story, then him telling us what he learned later on while investigating this topic. I hope the popularity of this book and eventually the movie will show Hollywood, we do care about these stories. The only way we will learn from our fucked up past is if we are taught about it. Stop erasing history. We all know America had a long & violent past, teach it in school so we can prevent the treatment of people like that ever again.

Xoxo Cuomo is he who walks with shady people(can we investigate him please)

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