Hi! I’m Matthew O’Leary, a Catholic who isn’t a pedophile, and you’re watching Disney Channel

As a life long Catholic, can I tell you how disgusted I am with the Vatican and the sickos who live there, dead and present. I feel like as the face of cute sassy Catholics, I have to clear my name so people don’t lump me in with those perverts. How the hell can they sleep at night knowing they have covered up the rape and molestation of probably millions of children. This shit has been going on for CENTURIES. Instead of contacting the police and throwing the sick fuck in prison, they just moved him to another church. All that did was give him more kids to destroy, so basically the Pope was a pimp.

Yesterday, the Church released the list of all New York priests dead or alive, who have been accused of hell worthy shit. What pisses me off the most is, under each name we see all the Churches they were transferred to. Some were at more than 8 Churches like WTF, these Priests were spreading their grossness like herpes. AND THE POPE AND EVERYONE ELSE KNEW!

They all wanted to protect the “Catholic name” but now they have ruined it beyond repair. Yes things like this has happened at other Churches, Groups and towns(Hollywood) but never at this scale. Think about it, the Catholic Church is legit everywhere. These Priests would travel the world for “Missionary” work doing God knows what.

I read once before that the reason there is so many child molesters in the Catholic Church because becoming a Priest was an easy out for secret gays. In the old days people who were gay would become Priests as a way to end questions like “why aren’t you married” or “you watch too many musicals”. Which WOULD of been fine. They could of dedicated their life to the Church and NOT ruin the lives of Children. But I think years of being alone rotted away their minds. I don’t know either way its gross to think about and they all will burn in Hell.

To make this hit close to home, last night I learned one of the Priest accused was at MY OWN CHURCH. I’ve been a lifelong good boy of St. John’s Church. I had my Baptism there, First Communion, Religious Ed, not my Confirmation due to the drama with the Choir but still I’ve been there a hot min. So when my old man told me Charles Eckermann, one of those accused, was at St. John’s in the 2000’s I gagged. LIKE WHAT? I was a alter boy, that could of been me. Yeah I would of cut his dick off and ended it then but still, shit would of traumatized me and turned me into a Scientologist.

EW how creepy does CHARLES look

I can’t believe how many of these perverts were lurking around so many children. The Church allowed this to happen. They allowed these Priests to go from Church to Church doing whatever the hell they wanted. The Vatican needs to dump ALL their files on this matter. Everything needs to come out before people can begin to get closure.

If they don’t do this legit now, the Church will be lost forever. We are bleeding members daily because everyone is grossed out by the church! Well don’t lump me in with those sick fucks. I feel like I’m what the Church needs to be. Fun, sassy but old school. Out with the pedos, in with the new. The church needs a fresh start by cleaning house. I will happily take up that role. The first to go will be the Pope, his hands are just as dirty.

Xoxo can’t we just hear the Good Word of the day without the fear of being touched?

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