You thought Wisconsin was corrupt while watching Making a Murderer……nah the whole State STINKS!

On my way to work today I heard this crazy story on NPR about how Republicans  in Wisconsin are poor losers. Lets back track to the start of this stupidity.  In the recent elections, two of Wisconsin’s most powerful dick sucking Republicans lost. Karma is real y’all! Scott Walker, the former Governor, lost to Tony Evers, LOVE IT! Brad Schimel, who is as douchey as he sounds, was the former Attorney General, lost to Josh Kaul. Both Tony and Josh are Democrats. Isn’t that a sign Wisconsin is OVER all their corrupt bullshit and want change. Out with the old trolls, in with the new bros.

But instead, Scott and Brad’s shit bag friends are currently drafting and attempting to pass legislation that will limit the governors powers and end early voting. They hate early voting because more democrats voted early and want to limit the governors powers because they are afraid he will make things “too liberal”. Okay what the fuck, admit you lost and STOP making voting so difficult. They do this shit to make people not want to vote. Not everyone has the time or the energy to go vote on just one day. If I was as hungover as I was two weeks go, there would be NO way my could of moved to vote.

The Republicans are taking a break from forcing their mistresses to have an abortion, to pass 5 bills. These bills are intended to give the legislator more power and weaken the Governors. One bill prevents the Governor and the Attorney General from ending a lawsuit against the federal government over Obamacare. We’re still on that? That has been in law for like a decade. MOVE ON. Keep that same energy when dealing with police corruption.

The amount of bullshit the Republicans are trying to get away with will NOT shock anyone who has watched Making a Murderer. Scott and Brad have done whatever they can to prevent Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey from proving their innocence. DESPITE all the evidence showing that something shady went on during this investigation. Brendan should of been released years ago but Brad Schimel continues to appeal every court that throws out Brendan’s forced confession.  Why won’t he just accept that the whole case smells shady and move on already. Scott Walker refused to pardon Steven and Brendan saying “he will let the courts play it out”. What a piece of shit. Both Brad and Scott have used so much energy to keep two people in jail, I WONDER WHY? Is it because the world will learn the truth of the corruption in Wisconsin.

All these scumbags need to stop coming together to further their corruption and instead use that energy to make Wisconsin better. Wisconsin seems to be the place where the rich gets rich, while the poor gets screwed left and right. These 5 bills cannot pass, if they do it will allow ONE POLITICAL PARTY to dictate how a State is ran. Your party fucking lost, GET OVER IT MOVE ON! I hope the new Governor and Attorney General use their powers to get justice for Teresa and open a REAL INVESTIGATION. This election could be the big break Steven and Brendan need, but lets be for real, the Republicans and ASSHOLES in Manitowoc county will die trying to keep these two in jail.

Xoxo Bobby Dassey deff killed Teresa #SorryNotSorry

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