Tweet about gays, you’re fired. Tweet about raping children, you’re hired! Welcome to Hollywood.

Can this obsession with going through old tweets after something good happens to someone stop? It’s honestly creepy. Who the hell has the time to actually sit down and find a way to destroy someone’s life. What people say 5 years ago should not reflect the person they are today. Can we accept the fact that people change? Hell 5 years ago I was tweeting I love Pussy and now look at me.

PEOPLE CHANGE ALL THE TIME. So what if Kevin Hart made dumb jokes 9 years ago about not wanting his son to be gay. Even I don’t want my son to be gay, I don’t need someone constantly trying to outshine/sass me. Twitter isn’t the Bible, stop taking it so serious. I tweet dumb shit all the time just to be dumb. I could only imagine what the world would say if they went through my tweets. ITS NOT THAT SERIOUS. People love to take things so seriously just to have a reason to freak out.

I honestly feel bad for Kevin, he apologized for those tweets in 2015. Does he have to make a public apology every year? Instead of catering to white Hollywood, Kevin decided not to host the Oscars. Good for him, stand your ground. He could of finally brought some color to the Oscars but instead it’s gonna be a old white circle jerk once again.

Also let’s talk about how hypocritical Hollywood is. They all cried when James Gunn lost his job for legit making jokes about raping children… But as soon as they saw the Kevin Hart tweets they got their pitchforks. So child rape is cool but gay jokes aren’t. Okay Hollywood thanks for the lesson on Morals! Is it because James Gunn is white? LET ME KNOW DOE!

Also, Kevin fire your PR/Social team. Why didn’t they go through your tweets YEARS ago. Even I go through my tweets every once in awhile just to make sure something that was funny 3 years ago but isn’t funny now is deleted. Legit that took about a month to do. The only way to do it is on a computer and you legit have to search your tweets from the beginning of when you created your Twitter, so extra. Tweets should be deleted after a year, stop causing drama TWITTER!

Xoxo can social justice warriors put this energy towards ending the slavery in Libya?

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