Can we stop letting rich white boys get away with rape?

I am SO over hearing about another scummy white dude getting away with rape because he has a pretty boy face or his daddy donated a new wing at the court house. Its disgusting. Rape is rape, lock these pieces of shits up and throw away the key. I don’t care if they were drunk or its their first offense, I want them GONE! Instead we give them 3 years of probation and say “now Billy you be a good boy”. Once a rapist, ALWAYS a rapist.

Its cruel to the victim and his ass is DEFINITELY a danger to society. If he was poor or a person of color he would be thrown in jail with zero remorse by the judge. Why is it that when a pretty boy white college guy is in front of the judge they use sentences like ” it was his first offense” or “well they both were drinking at the party”. I have plenty of guy friends that can be drunk around girls and NOT rape them. Do these judges really buy this bullshit these con artists are portraying? BECAUSE TWITTER AND I DON’T!

It’s like a cycle of rape outrage, every couple of months we hear about another rape case where the white dude gets away it. It makes me wanna beat some ass. If this EVER happened to one of my baby girls, actually to anyone I even briefly know, I will RAISE HELL. My ass don’t sleep, I will do 24/7 coverage of this scumbag till his ass is in jail. I shouldn’t have to hear about these cases on Twitter. For starters they should never happen, but when they do the big media needs to pounce on it. Stop waiting till there’s outrage on Twitter, expose these pieces of shit ASAP.

The current case in the news is involving forever sick fuck Jacob Walter Anderson a former Baylor student. A Texas Judge allowed this RAPIST to accept a plea deal to avoid jail time. This is the THIRD time Judge Ralph Strother has allowed a rapist to get a lenient punishment. I’m sure a look into his own background will bring up skeletons. Rapists & child molesters tend to protect one another. Jacob(rapist) was accused of  drugging then repeatedly raping a woman at a 2016 fraternity house party, SHOCKER!

What is with frat’s and rape? Is it because frat’s tend to promote and protect sexual assault? Where’s the congressional hearing into that? All Jacob will have to do is pay a $400 dollar fine and will NOT be registered as a sex offender due to his plea deal. Great so he can go about his life like nothing happened. This girl was a virgin, not only did he rape her, he took away something that should of been special, that alone should of given him life in prison.

“It must be horrible to be you. To know what you did to me. To know you are a rapist. To know that you almost killed me. To know that you ruined my life, stole my virginity and stole many other things from me.” -Quote from the Victim

Prosecutor Hilary LaBorde didn’t care that a grand jury indicted Jacob, for some bizarre reasons she refused to bring him to trial. A guy doing this okay I can get that, BUT A GIRL. I can’t get my head around that. A girl is doing this to another girl, how sick. There is a special place in hell for Skanks like that. Is she fucking Jacob? That’s the only logical explanation I can get.

What is even sicker, the victim and her family found out about the plead deal IN THE NEWS. This bitch didn’t even have the decency to call them herself. Again, girl YOU ARE GOING TO HELL, God don’t even want you hun. This whole case makes me sick, ladies get a taser or pepper spray, its a cruel world out there!! Trust no one truly, not even the guy you grew up.

Xoxo that whole court house needs Jesus

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