My baby girl got fired cause her mans doesn’t know how to pull out

I truly feel bad for my baby girl. First it was someone keying her car saying “cum dumpster”, which she can’t fix till the insurance check comes in. So yeah she’s driving around looking like a dumb ass. Then it was the anonymous emails of her nudes. Now it’s her being fired because her mans secret girl confronted her at work over their love child. Yeah this story a doosey, grab the wine.

My gurl and her mans have been steady for 6 years now. Truly hallmark type love. She works as a waitress while in school, he’s just a bum. Everything’s all fine & dandy, a cotton candy Christmas, till last night. My girl is taking a table of 5 order. As soon as she finishes the moms order, a nasty ass rat face bitch walks in, “Are you Ashley” my girl goes yeah, this bitch goes “idk if your mans told you but I’m pregnant and WE’RE keeping it, as of today you two are through, he didn’t have the balls to do this, don’t message him”.  Okay honey, slow your role.

My girl honestly thought I was playing a prank for my blog, which pisses me off, I should of done this wtf. She laughed and said please “go I don’t wanna lose my job, tell Matt hi”. Side Hoe starts freaking out saying “you think I’m a joke” then grabs poor Billy’s water and throws it on my girl. I wish I was there to throw a Bloody Mary on her. It would of been like the period she never had.

All hell broke loose, trash bitch starts fighting my baby girl and she was left defenseless. Side hoe like go home like damn this family just wants their family style Chicken Parm. Not this WWE bullshit. The kitchen staff broke it up and my girl got fired, like damn I got a feeling she’s bailing on secret Santa now. I understand HO girl wants to show off her new dick, but getting a girl fired isn’t the way. Now my home girl got all the time in the world to get revenge on your DUMB ass.

Does this girl really think a baby is going to hold this man down? If I was a betting man he will be all hyped about it, upload 2 MAYBE 3 pics of the little guy then BAM he gonna ghost him quicker than he ghosted your ass. Can these petty bitches realize, all you are doing is creating a drama baby, aka a baby that will forever be surrounded by drama because YOU wanted to lie about being on the pill.

I’m all for having babies at a young age, I wanna be the hot dad at the School play. BUT not if home girl is having this baby to trap one of my home boys! I understand mistakes happen but so do holes in condoms.

So the moral of this story is, never trust your mans even if y’all been together longer than the Harry Potter Franchise. All men lie, especially the pretty ones. Also, dudes ALWAYS bring your own condoms, a quick nut isn’t worth 18 years of Child Support.

Xoxo how much you wanna bet they both gonna fight over his DUMBASS now?

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