Life is just endless debt until you die

Has anyone else realized that everything in life now involves debt. No longer is it just that shitty student loan that harasses you every month like a stalker. Now, everything is in a form of a small loan. Cellphones are no longer $199 every two years with a two year contract, now its $35 a month or for me $54. Yeah I pay $54 a month JUST for the phone.

Its the iPhone Xs Max with Applecare so I look hella cute while going broke! It includes Applecare so its only $29 dollars to fix the screen. Which is good with these slippy fingers BUT still all this shit adds up! We think oh its just $30 here and there but then you add the Apple Watch which you can get for $25 a month or even AirPods for $20 a month. These companies attract us with low payments and zero fees for 6 months which is good, IF YOU CAN PAY IT.

Like I bought theater tickets on a payment plan cause shit mad pricey so instead of paying $300 upfront, I did 6 months of payments but I paid it off the next month so my credit score went up and I had no fees .You miss one payment HOWEVER, the outcome isn’t as fun. Instead you get a $35 dollar fee AND your interest rate gets jacked up. That’s why these companies are doing these “small loans” because miss one, they will RAPE you in fees, which funds their paychecks. Papi is great with credit so small loans are AMAZING for my spending habits. Okay I know my Aunt just rolled her eyes at that because in the past I would swipe now, worry about later. She would say CUTE cardigan who paid for it? Discover or Chase?

I would max that shit out like a diva, pay the minimum then call it a day. Aka never paying anything off. Then my credit score went down to 605 and I was being judged left and right. So I put my credit cards in TT’s box(a place I’m too scared to enter) and paid them every week. After having TWO cards at $3,000 a piece papi is down to just one and its almost paid off! Knock on wood thou cause every time I get close, I get a speeding ticket and have to start all over again, ITS CRUEL GOD!

Credit is truly life, if you have bad credit, life will be hell till you get it up. Loans will have a high ass interest rates, just so people can continue to screw you over. One of my boys had a high interest car loan, after losing his car during a DWI he stopped paying the loan because he thought the bank took the car back. Well homeboy was wrong! Now they are garnishing his wages and his credit score is in the toilet. But his baby girl jumped on it and made his ass call them to work out a payment schedule, if it was a credit card he could of negotiated the amount down, but because its a car loan and these people are leeches, they refused to budget.

A lot of these companies thrive off people not paying because that’s when they make the big bucks. A bad credit score can turn around, if you just stop going out every weekend and buying Newports. Why don’t they teach the importance of credit scores in high school? I give two shits on how to prove a triangle. Show me how to improve my credit score da fuq am I paying taxes for?

Xoxo wanna turn me on? Tell me your credit score.

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