Was Kevin Spacey’s christmas video a warning call to pedo Hollywood?

Okay, where do I even begin. HOW CREEPY WAS KEVIN SPACEY’S “Christmas” video….. I honestly think I have PTSD from it. For those who haven’t seen it….please do then come back here before it makes you die in 7 days. I would post it but I don’t condone the assault of minors, plus it creeps me the hell out. A quick summary, basically he is in character as Frank Underwood from “House of Cards” going on a rant about God knows what. The camera work is weirdly shitty, as if a teenager directed it. Actually knowing Kevin Spacey, a teenager definitely directed it.

What makes this video so bizarre is the fact that at first you think he is just role playing as Frank Underwood. But then when you put together the fact that the same day he dropped this video, he was also charged by Massachusetts State Police for Sexual Assault of a Teenage Boy at a restaurant in 2016. Spacey hasn’t been seen in over a year since he was accused of assaulting actor Anthony Rapp at a party when he was 14. The chances of him making a “statement”after over a year and being charged on the same day being a coincidence is VERY slim. This was planned.

This story is already shocking because Hollywood creeps get away with everything, but now its rumored there is a Snapchat video of the assault. If that is true then there is no way Kevin will get away with this….unless he knows too much. Some think this video was a way of getting the insanity plead but I think it was a warning call to all his rich sicko friends. If he goes down, then they all go down.

Think about it, Kevin was THEE actor for decades. He has won countless awards and has been in dozens of movies and television shows. Why else would he be so ballsy and legit assault a boy in a public place. Because for years he knew he was untouchable. Him and his sick friends used young Hollywood as their own escort service. He knows a lot and this video proves it. The line that stands out the most is “If I didn’t pay the price for things we both know I did, I’m certainly not going to pay the price for things I didn’t do”. CHILLS!

Hollywood has some dark secrets that are finally coming out. Its like a bubble of sickness waiting to pop. Too many people are involved in this cover up, from the predators themselves to their managers and lawyers who covered it up. That all will fall like Spacey’s career, so if Kevin Spacey “commits suicide” in the next few weeks, just know that a Hollywood Hitman most definitely took him out. Just like they did to Mark Salling from Glee who was arrested with Child Pornography but then committed suicide before his sentencing. Where did he get it from and why did they need to keep him silence?

Another Rabbit Hole I will not get into today but y’all can look up is Jeffrey Epstein, friend to all the rich. From Bill Clinton and Trump to shocker shocker Kevin Spacey. For years him and his friends would take underage Children to his private island. This was the open secret that everyone knew but no one cared out. Until 2008 when he was finally arrested for soliciting a underage prostitute in Palm Beach. He SHOULD of been sentenced to jail for years but plot twist, he got 18 months and only served 13. To add insult to injury, he stayed in a nice cozy cell in the private section of the prison and was allowed to leave the jail for 16 hours a day. Is this a fucking joke? America legit covers up and allows the rape and assault of young children and I do not understand why no one cares.

Xoxo can we make these sickos go viral so we can end this anarchy

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