I’m in love with my best friend and one way or another she WILL love me back

I’ve been best friends with my baby girl since middle school. From the first time she tried to beat my ass because I became friends with her mortal enemy, the so called “school slut”. To a month later when I passed her lunch table and she said “Yoo you matt? I heard you mad funny. Kara move your ass, he sitting there now”. Did I feel bad that Kara got her seat moved due to daddy, yes. Did I give a fuck? HELL NO! This was THEE lunch table for the “hottest” middle schools girls(their words NOT mine), and I was sitting at the top. So yeah I was feeling pretty blessed.

Since that day we have been besties, besides a few hiccups involving wine tour/blowing alley fights. We were so close and my skin was so flawless that most folks assumed we must be hook up. But sadly at the time she was into black guys and I was into Cher. I always thought my baby girl was type bad bitch, with her Phat ass that will shake it like a money maker. But that would never make the little guy move……. until this summer. My baby girl has been on her gym/tanning/MMA grind and let me tell you, its such a turn on! Skinny girl city!!!! When I ask her to go to Arby’s with me and she says “Sorry Daddy I can’t I got MMA in 30 minutes”, I fall back in love all over again.

Where did my Queen get this drive from? Before the “gym” consisted of us watching a TV show while we “biked” then we laid in the waterbeds and left. Now my girl is there for like an hour, sometimes even two! She got a routine down that not even a hottie can interrupt. She THAT fucking dedicated. Even in the weight room, when all the creeps gawk and stare at her ass while she works out, she doesn’t let it distract her!  She has her mind on the prize, being a Skinny Minnie.

My Princess Jasmine was already a hot tamale but something about not seeing rolls anymore truly makes a brother moist. I’m so proud of her dedication but home girl must be exhausted from running at the gym and through my mind all night. Did I also tell you she wears ZERO make up, yeah zero. None of that caked on nasty shit, my Queen is 100% all natural. Every guy she has been with doesn’t treat her right and that’s a fat girl problem. Baby gurl skinny now, she doesn’t have to put up with that nonsense. So I decided we should Romeo and Juliet ourselves and live stream it on my website obvs. I’ll send y’all an invite.

Xoxo she got a cute face, thin waist and a big behind.

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