My MOTHER is NOT invited to my wedding due to her trash talking the classic Whitney Houston’s Cinderella

I was beyond shook, shocked and mentally hurt when my own mum, the woman who birthed this wonderful diva, trash talked the ONLY good Cinderella starring my confirmation sponsor, Whitney Houston and Brandy. Who hurt her my mother as a child? This version WAS my childhood. I watched that VHS hella times. I know the song “Impossible” like it was a church hymn.

Why would she trash talk something that basically raised me while SHE was busy partying at the casino with her scrap-booking gals. This moment of betrayal happened while I was playing my Whitney Houston vinyl. As I was doing my daily pussy pops to “How will I know”, she interrupts me and goes, “I wonder if we still have that awful Whitney Houston Cinderella movie on VHS”. As if someone just called my cheekbones fake, I dramatically whipped my head around and said, “take that back before I call the cops and report a hate crime”.

She thought I was kidding, I wasn’t. Do I trash talk her Hallmark movies to her face? No, I do it behind her back like a normal Catholic. She said it was corny and didn’t make sense. Yeah the prince is Asian and his dad is a white Victor Garber and his Mum a black Whoopi Goldberg, BUT STILL maybe his ass was adopted. You think my 9 year old sassy ass realized that? I was busy wondering when Whitney was gonna save me from my misery.

This movie is lit because its diversity is all over the place but not in an annoying way. Brandy was THE first black woman to portray Cinderella, how crazy is that. And they did it in such a tasteful not tacky, lowkey racist way. They didn’t do the classic, “lets make this the same story…..but set it in Harlem and add some hip hop”. Instead they took the story and made it for everyone, not just little white Sally.

We need more movies like this. I’m not saying remake every movie and make the cast black. Instead start making movies that little black girls and boys can look up too. Do you realize how cool this movie must of been for little black girls who were so used to seeing movies about white boring ass Princesses? And lets be real, the latest 2015 Cinderella was ass and had no soul. It felt so lifeless, I fell asleep and was just do disappointed.

We are so over white princesses. I want a plot twist where the cleaning lady gets the Prince in the end and NOT the innocent white dumbass. All our princesses are honestly whiter than my cracker ass, that is not how the world looks anymore. That’s why I get so annoyed when this movie isn’t on TV. Which lets be real, movies with a majority black cast are never on TV unless its BET. When’s the last time you saw “Set it off” or “Whats love got to do with it:The Tina Turner Story” on TV? Why isn’t this on ABC, Freeform or Disney Channel? Oh wait it is, during black history month.

I don’t know if its a racism thing where they don’t want these actors getting the residual checks from being on  TV or if they just have bad taste. Either way Hollywood needs to cut this shut out! The soundtrack isn’t even on Apple Music or iTunes! Nor is the movie on iTunes or any streaming services. Like wtf y’all shit is wack.  This was a Disney Production so I hope with their new streaming service coming soon they will add it and do more movies like these. Whitney also produced “The Cheetah Girls” series so girl got taste! Ugh now I’m all emotional, I gotta go and punch my Bobby Brown voodoo doll.

Xoxo omg and Bernadette Peters was in it! Shit was lit!

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