Can America start caring about black girls?

Wow 2019 truly started out with a bang. Not only is Amanda Bynes back, but R. Kelly is officially being exposed and boy does it feel good. I’ve read fucked up stories on R. Kelly for years now. Each one was so bizarre and outlandish, they were hard to believe. A sex dungeon full of underage girls sounds like a lifetime movie. There is no way anyone would allow someone to get away with this. BUT THEY DID! From his agents to his producers, they all knew what he was doing and allowed it to happen. Why?

Rapper Vince Staples thinks its because he crossed over to mainstream music so he was protected by “White” culture. Black rappers get sent to jail over stupid shit, black R & B singers get a slap on the wrist. Example, R. Kelly & Chris Brown. R.Kelly defenders claim they still listen to his music because they can separate the artist and his crimes. So why can’t they do the same with gangster rappers? Is it because white America is secretly cool with the molestation of children? It has infected Hollywood badly. This is why Hollywood needs to burn and start over. From Disney Channel recently having to fire a actor for trying to meet up with a underage girl online. To Kevin Spacey and his list of nasty crimes.

I just cannot believe people can still defend any of these sickos.  After a FOUR part documentary on Lifetime called “Surviving R. Kelly”, featuring dozen of interviews EVEN FROM HIS EX WIFE, people are still saying its a conspiracy. BITCH WHERE. Is it a conspiracy that he married Aaliyah when he was 27 and she was 15.

Was it a conspiracy that there is a legit sex tape with him and a 14 year old girl where he pees on her? The fact that he got not guilty for that when there is a LEGIT tape makes me sick. Who is protecting him? Everyone and their mother ripped apart Bill Cosby, his shows were pulled from TV. But people still defend Kelly. Was that because a majority of Bills victims were white and R. Kellys are black?

I’m noticing a trend here when it comes to black girls. The trend is no one cares till its too late. If they go missing, they say oh she just ran away. How many missing girls are there STILL in Atlanta? Sandra Bland’s death is still BEYOND suspect and we hear NOTHING on it. Thankfully HBO is about to release a documentary on it, so maybe we’ll get SOME answers. Unlike Kenneka Jenkins, who was found dead in a Crown Plaza freezer. The security footage is so shady and the hotels story doesn’t make sense. Wheres the outcry over that? I only got updates on it from the Shade Room.

Even worse, the girl who got attacked at McDonalds by a white dude over a STRAW. Why isn’t she on Ellen dancing cause she got a check for $25,000. Or on Good Morning America explaining her story. She was legit attacked by a white dude and she held her own and whooped his ass. If the roles were reversed she would be all over the news and the GOP would of made her their poster child.  Instead once again I gotta get updates on the Shade Room, last I heard she was on suspension from McDonalds. Wait thats another thing why did no one at McDonalds stand up and defend her? Does no one care anymore? What if that was your daughter.

What hurts me the most about the R. Kelly story is the Lady Gaga part. I wish she would come forward and explain why she would do a song that legit says “Do what you want, what you want to my body”, with a legit accused rapist? Did she not know? I feel like even in 2010 I knew. The music video was directed by Terry Richardson who is another accused rapist.

However, the music video was never released and she stop preforming the song with R. Kelly. Rumor is its because someone finally told her about both men, she freaked and pulled the video and fired her management for allowing it to happen. I hope that’s the case but if so why not tell the world about it? Like Jay Z, he created a whole album with R. Kelly but is silent and refused to be interviewed. Are they embarrassed or just playing dumb.

Also, to the people in this documentary who spoke out I applaud that but y’all need to go to jail for sex trafficking. From the ones who helped forge documents so he could marry Aaliyah to the ones who went to the mall to pick up girls from him. Y’ALL ARE JUST AS GUILTY. No matter what way they put it, they are the reason he was able to get away with it for so long. He, like others who are predators say its because it happened to them as well during their childhood. Okay well be the one to break the fucking cycle, I’m so over hearing that as a defense.

I hope that we all take away from this documentary that this happens everywhere and until we start speaking out about it, it will never stop. Don’t just focus on R. Kelly focus on the countless other R. Kellys that are still working today. How did a Bryan Singer directed film win best drama last night? He is the gay white R. Kelly and there was not a single word about him last night. 20th Century fox knew of the rumors and they still hired then later fired him. They made that decision so they should deal with the consequences, instead Hollywood honored them last night.

2018 was the year of me too, 2019 needs to be the year of the children. From the children networks allowing this to happen, to the movie studios, we need to expose them all. In Sasha Baron Cohen’s latest show “Who is America” he almost did in Las Vegas. He was undercover at a hotel and asked the concierge to help him deal with a young boy he molested who was gonna go to the police. Instead of leaving, the concierge told him he knew of lawyers who could help pay the boy off. Okay bish what.

When he asked for a date “lower than Bar Mitzvah age but older than eight”, the same concierge said he could put him in touch with someone. Okay WTF is going on. Sasha said the concierge told him he has done this for politicians and billionaires before. Sasha thought the footage was too fucked up to air and gave it to the FBI, WHO REFUSED TO INVESTIGATE IT! If that isn’t proof of a nationwide cover up then I don’t know what is. So in short watch this documentary then check out “An Open Secret”, then hug and hide your children.

Xoxo children networks are fronts for sex trafficking


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  1. Everything you have stated here is true and sickening. I am a black woman and I am fearful of many things and people that I keep around me. I think the most frustrating thing is not being heard, but judged instead. People diminish your pain but blame you as if you inflicted it on yourself. It’s disheartening but the best thing to do is to raise continuous awareness. I commend you for speaking out. Thank you for your post ❤️

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      1. Yes this is true. I think if more people put themselves in other peoples shoes, they would have a change of heart.


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