ITS MS JUICYYY BABBBBY: Why America needs to put some respect on Little Women: Atlanta

Little Women is the franchise everyone will learn to love. From LA to my fav Atlanta, these mini hoes got it all. Home girls may be small but they got more drama than my lengthy ass girlies and that’s hard to do. These girls give me LIFE, okay well only Miss Juicy, but still I just cannot stop watching.

From the Miss Juicy and the Minnie drama which started over Minnie saying she was pregnant and had a miscarriage but lowkey she made it up….who does that? Miss Juicy does NOT deal with Minnies lies. May it be about dating Pastor Troy or about being pregnant with his child. She exposes that shit in a way only the Queen of Atlanta could. Miss Juicy knew Minnie wasn’t pregnant so to throw shade her she threw a baby shower and invited EVERYONE. All hell broke loose and a week later when they went to meet to “settle” it Minnie’s mom threw chicken wings at Miss Juicy. Yeah this shit is that cray! I would of been PISSED if those were my chicken wings. You can attack me but don’t attack my food. 

Another time Minnie showed up at Juicy’s birthday party and legit Juicy stopped the party to tell security to kick Minnie out. UGH I LOVED IT! Miss Juicy is truly the Queen of Atlanta. She is a personality on the Rickey Smiley morning show, which BTW was my shit. When I lived down south I always listened to his show. He was funny and was ALWAYS giving back to the community. Miss Juicy is just a ball of fun and the world needs to embrace her. I don’t want her to be like my other baby girl Tiffany aka New York. Who America should of embraced more, she should of had a talk show. OMG a reality show with Miss Juicy and New York would be EVERYTHING.

Imma keep it real what makes me SO SAD is how these little mamas baby daddies treat them. ITS CRUEL! They know these girls are little so when they get pregnant and the baby comes out little, these dudes act all surprised and run off cause their “scared”. ARE YOU THAT DUMB. Of course this child has the chances of being small, even Trump would know that. These dudes are leeches and these girls are too good for that! One dude didn’t even go to the babies check ups cause he was “busy”. Ladies the world is watching you be disrespected and down the line your child will too. I understand y’all want a mans but this ISN’T the way.

This isn’t a show that makes fun of little people, instead it promotes and flaunts them as the bad bitches they are. Big or tall, everyone got struggles, issues and DRAMA! I’m like over rich tall girl problems. Don’t get me wrong I will ALWAYS love my Real Housewives of New Jersey, but I want new bitches & real (TV) drama in my life. I fell in love with Little Women during my time living in Albany. Legit my little girlies and my other favorite show “Big Women Big Love” got me through all the congressional gropes I suffered.

Lifetime WHAT HAPPENED TO BIG WOMEN. Those girls were insane, but that’s why I loved watching! Big women need loving too. One of the girlies was a single mom who just wanted love and yes it was sad but in a good way. Like sad in a way where you’re cringing but cannot stop watching. She went to a big girl love convention and got called out for being awkward when drunk, I LOVED IT! That’s a real issues people like SOME of my baby girls face. They want love so bad they think getting Smirnoff wasted is the way. Its not! Ordering a dude chicken wings and rolling a blunt is.

Xoxo can Ms Juicy be my fairy Godmother

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