Fyre Fest is further proof my generation is screwed

I just get so jaw dropped when I see the level of stupidity in America’s youth. We’re SUPPOSED to be the future and we out here driving around with blind folds on the Thruway doing the Bird Box challenge, y’all are really dumb FOR REAL. We have so much technology and information at our fingertips, but instead of using it to learn, we use it to edit our faces in photos to look plasic. Side note: STOP DOING THIS! Everyone can tell and it makes the world know you are UGLY! The worse is when they do it to children, like my God no kids face is that smooth. They be looking like artwork and NOT a picture.

All this stupidity worries me because my generation only cares about one thing, what strangers on the internet think of them. They want the most likes and a shit ton of followers, even if half of them are fake, just so some random kid from Idaho will think they’re “Dope”. Some people online are so thirsty for followers they PAY FOR IT. How pathetic. This isn’t just something wannabe famous people do, I know people from Syracuse who does it! How can you tell? Well for starters the numbers of followers they have is no where near the number of likes they get, meaning BOTS. Also,75% of the people who are following them are people from like India. Unless they are huge fans of Slumdog Millionaire, I have a feeling they all fake accounts. Donate that money to charity like ITS NOT THAT SERIOUS. I have a list of 6 people I know who do this. I WAS gonna expose them in this article but I don’t need another suicide on my hands(THAT WAS A JOKE, chill out it was on attempted).

Okay now I’m off topic, back to rich white kids getting scammed. Hulu and Netflix have competing documentaries about the biggest shit show 2017, Fyre Fest. Last night I watched the Hulu one and it was so good. The Netflix one premieres Friday so Ill be the judge of what one was the best.

So basically Fyre Fest was going to be the most exclusive, luxury music festival featuring Kanye and the G.O.O.D. Music family and other random acts like Blink 182 and the Migos. What was so unique about this festival was the fact that it was on a island and advertising for it was social media based only. No TV or print ads, instead they gave social media “influences” thousands of dollars to post about Fyre fest to all their followers. People like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid did this. This gave the false illusion that these celebrities would be that Fyre. People my age who can barely afford plan B racked up credit card debt to attend this (their parents must be proud). They didn’t want to “miss out”. Would I wanna go to this to have fun with my friends, hell yeah. Would I wanna go so I could stalk “celebrities” HELL NO!

This obsession with celebrities was the true drive behind this shit show.  People really didn’t care about the bands playing, they just wanted to be around rich people, who honestly could give two shits about them. Lets be real, none of these celebrities planned on going, they just wanted to cash that check. From the start, this whole thing was shady as shit. From bands who were announced, but when asked about it had no clue what is was. To the airline tickets never being sent.

This group of idiots were in over their heads and instead of giving it a year to two to plan, they announced it and had 6 months to get it all together.  Before even picking an island to have it on, they announced the concert. Again the level of stupidity is unreal. This was just a way to get money from people buying tickets so they could HOPEFULLY pull it off. Comcast almost gave $90 million to support the “Fyre” app. I wonder if they got that loan, would it have NOT been a joke? The guy behind Fyre fest is Bill McFarland, a notorious con-artist who if he was black would be in jail for life. Instead he’s white so he gets a slap on the wrists!

Classic Douche

I don’t wanna spoil the ending but lets just say it was legit HELL on earth. Teens arrived to find their “luxury” cabanas were actually FEMA tents. Yeah the legit same tents hurricane victims stay in. The “lobster” dinners was actually cheese on bread. This festival was so bad I thought it was a prank by Jimmy Kimmel. Is it sad young idiots spent all their money to travel to hell on earth, yeah. Do I feel bad? Hell no, we are products of our own decisions, these people are products of being a dumb ass. I find all this FUNNY!

I don’t feel bad for ANY of these people. Who the hell spends all that money to go to a concert SPONSORED BY JA RULE? Y’all lucky you only got scammed and NOT sex trafficked. All these people legit bought tickets to a random concert just because some “influencer” told them too. Shit like this makes me scared for the future. Will my generation be the group that believes anything they see on the internet? OF COURSE! Everyone is so lazy! Take the extra 5 minutes to research and see if what you are reading is REAL LIFE. A 5 minute search would of showed Billy’s past businesses were shady and Ja Rule hasn’t had a hit since the Vietnam War. ALSO the island it is located on legit is a cement block, again STUPIDITY.

I hope people take this event and LEARN from it. Don’t just make fun of the idiots that went, make fun of our society for allowing this to happen. The media knew this was gonna be a shit show but said nothing because shit shows equal high ratings. They love watching people fail, so instead of protecting these kids, they allowed it to happen for ratings. Also all these “influencers” should be held responsible. Y’all promoted it, y’all face the punishment. I would NOT want my name associated with a scam but I guess that’s cool with Kendall. I wanna be associated with diamonds and fur, NOT a concert ran by Ja Rule like girl have some standards!

Xoxo Daddy Fest coming to the Staten Island Dump in 2020

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