Does Rebecca Black know who killed really JFK?

I love me a good conspiracy theory and this one is so bizarre, so random & I found it on the internet, so it’s GOTTA be true. There are so many theories about what REALLY happened to JFK. This was probably the first OG conspiracy theory. Any Seinfeld fan knows, unless that bullet was magic, there is no way it could of traveled the way it did. If that assassination happened today, the internet would be all over figuring out wtf happened. But sadly it happened at a time where the government can cover up more things then they already do. Nixon would cry if he was president during the social media era, #Watergate.

When it comes to JFK I feel as if we will never get the truth. Hell even Trump said he wanted to release the JFK files and at the last minute only released a few. WHAT IS THERE TO HIDE? My top three theories are, the CIA is behind it, LBJ is behind it or the most outlandish, Papa Bush was behind it. Side Note: the Bush’s have a shady ass past, Google it before they censor it.

Back to baby girl Rebecca Black, her one and only hit was “Friday” a cheesy ass song about “Getting down on Friday”. It was honestly the first big viral internet hit. However at the time, we didn’t know it’s sinister meaning and secret messages. Rebecca’s black Grandfather told her the truth about the JFK assassination and she’s trying to tell us in this song!

“7 am waking up in the morning, got to be Fresh got to go Downstairs”. JFK woke up at 7 am on November 22 1963 A FRIDAY. He had a long day ahead of him because he has many meetings lined up to ease tension with the Texas Democrats. They were pretty salty that JFK wanted to make equal civil rights for all. So cruel of him right!

“Seeing everything, the time is going Ticking on and on, everybody’s rushing”. JFK made two detours which delayed everything. That’s why everyone was rushing, so he could make the parade on time. This delayed his appearance by 10 minutes allowing Oswald to get to the Book Depositary in time due to him running late.

“Kickin’ in the front seat. Sittin’ in the back seat. Gotta make my mind up. Which seat can I take?” Kick in the front seat means, sit there and you won’t die. That was to symbolize the mayor of Dallas sitting there and getting shot and not dying. Sittin in the backseat means, who ever sits there will be sitting for life, cause they dead! “Which seat can u take” means you better pick the right one or your ass is going to be grass.

“It’s Friday, Friday. Got to get down on Friday” Again the assassination happened on FRIDAY, November 22nd. The “get down” is telling everyone else in the motorcade to get down on Friday, or else they will get a similar fate as JFK.

Last part “Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend (we gotta get down)”, may it be the CIA or LBJ either was someone was looking forward to the weekend because everything changes. LBJ will stop JFK from pulling out of Vietnam, end JFK’s feud with the CIA after the bay of pigs and he won’t end the Federal Reserve, switching America back to the gold standard. JFK had a lot of enemies because he wanted to “drain the swamp” and sadly it seems that only Rebecca Black knows the truth. Why isn’t she speaking on this? What blackmail do they have on her?

To make things weirder, in the music video, Rebecca sits in the back of a convertible…in the same position and seat that JFK took that day. I don’t believe in coincidences, Rebecca is trying to tell the world the truth about her family’s dark secret. Spread the word y’all, we owe it to the Kennedy’s.

Xoxo no I really don’t believe this do I look that dumb? We all know the CIA did it. However, Twerk by City Girls is deff about 9/11

P.s. JFK by Oliver Stone is so good!

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