Cuomo wants to ban mugshot releases, bad for my Aunt, good for me!

I’m not gonna lie. I SOMETIMES find pleasure in other peoples misery. Nothing makes me feel more blessed than opening the Thursday paper and discovering the douche from high school who bullied me got his 5th DWI. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree? Him and his dad need to carpool to AA asap.

My auntie and father love to read the police blotters as well. Watching other people fail is like a hobby to them. I wonder were I get it from! My dad is always asking me if I know this person from the paper accused of having a pound of weed. ME! Know someone with weed, NO WAY! I’m a Catholic. One time he saved me from catching a case by pointing out my friend “Leroy” was arrested again last night. Luckily I have never been in the paper due to me only committing white collar crimes.

But to be honestly I think the whole thing is fucked. Don’t get me wrong, we should know who the murderers and the rapists are, but why do we have to know that Maria George was charged with shoplifting? It’s legit public shaming. Even if they are proven not guilty, its still out there! Forever. Even bankruptcy’s are in the paper. How do I know? Cause I found my teacher in there once. No wonder she was also so miserable and nasty to me. She was mad her credit score is the same as my weight.

At this point no one really cares if your name is in the police blotter. I found a kid I went to high school with and I told my friend I felt bad. She goes, “yeah that’s his second DWI don’t feel bad, he doesn’t”. Am I the only one who cares about having a spotless(minus a few UPM’s due to jealously) record. I think it’s because everyone’s immune to people getting in trouble. Who at this point  hasn’t beef with the cops. Besides like 5, they all RUDE!

When Mama Dutches was in the paper for beating some ass at the mall, it was legit the talk of the town between the “PTO moms”. Why? Because they have nothing better to do with their pathetic lives. One mom who’s daughter was nasty as shit, called all the wine moms and told them to look at today’s paper then said “I always knew that girl was trouble”. TROUBLE?

Bish worry about your SKANK daughter who’s nudes are all over my timeline. She legit exposed my baby girl to the world and it took EVERYTHING in me not to call CPS on her noisy ass. God got his karma thou cause a year later her daughter got knocked up by a legit 50 year old man who already had 2 kids from his CURRENT wife. TRASHY!! This is why ANN should worry about her own kids.

Cuomo wants to ban mugshots and releasing arrest info not because he’s a good man, but because NY is missing out on that income. Right now it’s free from the State and local police departments. But some websites makes you pay to see the actual mugshots which is trashy and extra, that’s public records. Even scummier, if you want to take it down you have to pay. That’s why he wants go ban them, which shockingly I agree with. Why should the rich be the only people who can afford to “delete” their record.

If my mugshot was cute, I would definitely keep it online so I can make T shirts. But if it was ugly I would pay endless amounts to erase that thing. Being arrested isn’t a big deal if it’s a basic, white collar crime. Being ugly is a big deal because that’s for life. Anytime you’re on the news, they ALWAYS use the ugly mugshot. Talk about adding insult to injury. Cuomo needs to legalize weed first then worry about the random shit like this.

Xoxo can they add a flash to my mugshot… my skins hella white

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