I did my taxes and papi is NOT impressed, guess I’m NOT getting a fur wrap

I had a feeling my tax refund would be less than last years but a whole $400 less? So rude. Papi Trump WHY! I made way more in 2018 and compared to 2017 so I thought I could at least afford a new fur wrap and a Chanel necklace. But now I can only afford one, so greedy of the U.S. Government. Income taxes are wack, like how are you about to tax MY hard earned income. I understand paying a tax on my Chai Tea but not on my blood, sweat and tears. I work hard for my money to blow it on stupid shit. That is MY right as an American. So to take that away from me is beyond cruel.

At first I asked my boss when she did my taxes like why is it so less and she rolled her eyes and said am I the IRS? She HATES that question and now I know why. Its beyond annoying and so repetitive. My queen doesn’t decide the tax brackets, she just enters your information in.  Don’t be petty. She apologized for the sass and then explained it to me in “idiot terms”

The whole ideal is to NOT allow the government to use our income tax as a no interest loan. When we pay taxes it like chills there till we file our returns. At the end the government compares what we made, what we put into our taxes and the difference is a our “refund” or if you put in less you owe. The new GOP tax plan wants to make it so we  break even. Instead of a refund or owning the government money, we would only put in what is needed.

So we are getting more in our check but HOW MUCH MORE? I was gonna do the math but then I got over it real quick. Too many numbers, too little time. If I am getting more back in my paycheck then I guess that’s lit but damn it I enjoy getting a fat check once a year. Why are the Republicans trying to end my happiness?

I only have 2 W-2 and the 1099 my sugar daddy Randy gives me. The only deductible I get is from my student loan interest, which is another conspiracy on its own. The interest from my loan was legit in half compared to last year. I thought they messed up so I called skanky Salle Mae and they said they would “look into it”. I so thought I was right. Until my uncle did the math quick and told me to slap myself….the interest went down because I’ve been paying it for a hot minute now. God I hate when he is right. It just adds to his already inflated ego.

So in short, everyone will be getting less back this year, unless you got mad kids. Honestly, I need at least one kid next year so I can get that deduction. OKURRR. So now those who act rich when they get their return will only be lower middle class rich.

Xoxo mama dutches filed an extension cause she doesn’t need the money now, she BOSSSY

P.s. send me your 1040 so I know its real

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