Please donate to my GoFundMe so I can get the surgery I need to finally start my life

As we all know I’m obsessed with my amazing body. Yes I’m super skinny and yes I look like a Syrian Refugee but still, it’s like hot. HOWEVER I do still have a few things I would change. Like flatten my nostrils or lift up my eyebrows or lift back my forehead but those are all vanity projects that I can get done at a later time.

What I really need done so I can start the life of rich and fame that I deserve is a new ass. Yes I can twerk and yes I can own ANY stage. But I need a little more. Imagine me with a phat ass working that stage. IT WOULD BE AMAZING. I would shake it like a money maker and people could actually see it.

As of now my ass is like a baby wave pool. Little ass shakes that ain’t knocking anyone over. I wanna be booty bumping people and they legit fly across the room. I wanna be able to sit down and my ass is so round I’m not even touching the floor. I know my ass is compete when I can shake it while holding a bottle of grey goose in between my cheeks. I’m so self conscious about this, I know daddy self conscious NO WAY!

But I am! I see my girlies with fat asses or even some of my guys friends and I makes me so mad. They just sit and play videos games all day. They can’t work it like I do. They can’t bend and snap while shaking it real fast. They are legit just using their asses to shit, nothing more. Talk about useless!

I looked into it and you can get ass surgery but sadly I’m too skinny for it. The doctor takes fat from your body and puts in it your butt…. sadly I have no fat. Legit none what’s so ever. My body fat percentage is -20. I was so upset. But after showing my doctor what I can already do with my ass he was so determined to help.

After some research he discovered a relatively new surgery where he can take fat from my heifer friends and put it into my ass. HOW AMAZING AND ROMANTIC. A part of my girlies will forever be in my ass. I love it. I thought about mama dutches but she so fucking skinny now so she a no. Instead I’m having all my girlies over this weekend to drink, gossip and weigh ourselves. Who ever is the fattest, will be chosen to say bye Felecia to their fat ass. ITS A WIN WIN.

BUT sadly my insurance doesn’t cover “unnecessary” surgeries. Like are they kidding me? THIS IS NECESSARY! Don’t you want me happy damn it? Outta here with that selfish mentality. Out of pocket the surgery is $45,000 plus $10,000 for a week of recovery at Mirbeau spa to recover and $24,000 for physical therapy to learn to twerk again.

I hate asking for donating a BUTT I’m desperate. I need this surgery because without it I’m lost. Seriously if you can afford it I would so appreciate it, anything can help. Please donate what you can, it’s also a tax write off because of the assist a homo tax credit. This wouldn’t just benefit my life, it would also get another fat ass off the street, it’s legit a win win for everyone. Click below to donate.

Donation to change daddy’s life

Starts at $5 but you can add as much as you want to show daddy how humble & holy you are ❤


Xoxo guys this is like my own little make a wish so let’s make it happen!

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