Dicks and Dollars: Inside the world of Syracuse’s High Class sugar daddy business

Have you ever wondered why mad Syracuse girlies ALWAYS look type CUTE but only work 10 hours a week? How can they afford Fashion Nova and Eyelashes now, when less than a year ago they couldn’t afford plan b. I’ve always wonder the same but learned to mind my own cause they were buying me drinks, until last Friday. When I witnessed something so alarming, so Dateline To Catch a Predator like, I had to be all Nancy Drew like. Did I just witness sex trafficking or a girlie making a come up.

Let me describe this suspect as shit event I witnessed. I was enjoying a nice cold brewski while cheering on da BOYSSS. I ran into this girl I used to get lit with until she turned to crack (I’m assuming). BTW weed isn’t a gateway drug, being a trash bitch is. She was dressed classy but also sassy so I assumed she got done from an office job and now is looking to get someone to replace her toner. We chatted briefly but she said she had to “go talk to some clients”, again I mind my own so I said okay be safe sis.

She leaves and walked over to this old ass middle eastern dude. He gave off corner store vibes so I could tell he had money. She is all over him but in a sneaky way, the classic arm rubs and laughing so hard she places her hand on his ass, typical church shit. I then notice he is with 2 other dudes, all wearing suits from Men’s Warehouse, aka rich for Syracuse but not rich for Long Island. After introducing her to them the guy whispers something to her and she leaves and goes over to a table of ladies.

No fucking lie she grabs two girls and walks them over to the guys and they all do the same shit. Rubbing of the arm, giggles then ass grabs but whats different is, they give the girls their business cards. A transaction has been made. I dead ass looked around the room because I was waiting for the “What would you do” cameras to come out. I ordered another drink and asked my baby girl Trish behind the bar what the hell just happened and she gave me the WHOLE story. Girl was I shooked.

Basically my classy crackhead Sally is the ring leader. She started this sugar baby business while working as a waitress. Why be the one taking orders when you can be the one giving orders. That is where she met corner store dude. He owns mad property and sets his rich friends up with my friends “easy friends”. Boys night out turn into a night of ass n cheap tittes with a group of coke whores. These dudes Cashapp my friends these girlies an “allowance” for the week. Being the entrepreneur my pimp girlie is, she get a cut of all income these girls bring in, that is why they send it to her. She’s basically Kris Jenner.

I am impressed with this business because the girls just go on date and if they wanna get some D they can. But what I am NOT impressed with is how young these girls look. Deadass one of them could of been Corner Store dudes granddaughter. I tried to Facebook stalk her to find out her story but shocker, she has ZERO social media presence. That is when I realized NONE OF THEM DO! Is is to protect the married men or is it to hide their ages. Y’all in a sex, money, booze cult?

Like this isn’t like my sugar daddy Randy, this is legit a business. I get a check each week to send sexy pictures of my ears. These girls are legit living double lives while one girl at the top is making bank. Do these girls get 1099’s at the end of the year? I am legitimately concerned. When I left the bar, I told one of the girls to blink twice if she needs help. She started to blink but then corner store dude shoved a 50 down her top so that blink turned into a smirk real quick. Run hun him or his wife is gonna kill your ass.

Xoxo TT is gonna go undercover and infiltrate this Russian sex empire, more next week



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