Can my negative ass co-worker start her day off on a high note by wake n baking? I’m OVER her bring her nasty vibes around me

I come into work every day no matter rain or shine with a bomb ass attitude. Always singing a tune (on key of course) and/or cracking jokes about my moms new boyfriend. I NEVER allow my personal life to leech into my work attitude. It’s SO extra.

That happened once on the anniversary of Whitney Houston’s death, I still have PTSD from it. I vowed to never allow that to happen again. When I had a stalker who I was legitimately convinced was going to kill me, did I act like a baby back bitch and complain all day and hide? NO! I got my carrying permit and let a brooo know I’m licensed to shoot.

Keep your personal bullshit at the door. If you have good or juicy drama, spill it daddy’s, all ears. But as soon as the story is over, drop it. I do NOT wanna look over and see your ass crying or screaming into the phone. Save that shit for the cleaning ladies. Hopefully they care, cause I don’t. I don’t know if home girl does it because she wants me to ask whats wrong. Or if she is just dramatic as fuck and just always needs to cause a scene. Either way I’m done with this hoe and her trashy ass wanna be Desperate Housewives ways.

I don’t care that her mans lost his job at the coal mine, nor do I care that his baby mama is back from rehab or that his phone was turned off. Leave your scumbag story lines at the door after you flick your cigarette butt. Ain’t nobody wanna be around your toxic ass. We already gotta smell your fragrance of Sweet Pea and Newports. We don’t wanna smell bullshit all day as well.  We are all in here having a good ass time doing OUR jobs while your ass is moping around doing God knows what. Use your sick days if you’re going to pull that bullshit all week.

This is why her ass needs to wake n bake. Wake up, shower/cry in the shower about your life, put on your knock off Uggs and burn one on your way to work. Not only will it clear your fucked up head, it will also make you calm the fuck down. Being lit makes you over think everything, WHICH IS GOOD! Maybe that will make you start to wake the fuck up sista.

Also, just because your mans has no job, doesn’t mean you can message him ALL DAY. Tell him to get off Facebook Messenger and start applying for some damn jobs. I’m BEYOND over this couch potato ass brotha slowing up our internet.

Xoxo someone hire him please I’m begging you

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