I’m sorry but this Jussie Smollett attack story is MAD suspect

I am trying this new thing where I stop and wait for all the facts to come forward before I give my opinion on an issue that has gone viral. Prime example of why is the Covington Catholic High School boys incident. At first I thought these boys went out of their way to be douche bags to a Native American. I even tweeted about wanting to “whoop dat ass”, Natives have been disrespected for too long! But then the full video came out and there was way more to the story. The boys where attacked before by Black Israelites and the school chaperones should of removed the boys from the situation as soon as it started. It didn’t make anyone in the story look good but I learned that I need to chill before I judge.

That is why I waited to make an opinion on the Jussie Smollett attack in Chicago. From day one I thought it sounded suspected but I wanted to wait for all the evidence to come forward. Okay well its been over a week and there is legit NOTHING. No camera footage, no smoking gun proving that “MAGA fanatics attacked him”. The only surviving evidence of this attack seems to be his footlong sub from Subway and a noose around his neck. Unless its a Wegmans Hot Meatball sub, my ass would of dropped that shit ASAP rocky.

The whole story is confusing, he is walking home at 2am and Trump supporters throw bleach on him, beat him up, put a noose on him and call him derogatory names. Okay for starters, let’s keep it real, what Trump fans are watching Empire, its even too gay for me! I’m almost positive the only shows Trump supporters are watching on Fox are Sports and Last Man Standing. Not a show who’s main character is a boss bitch named Cookie who has a gay son. Those two worlds are NOT crossing in a venn diagram

At first the media was all over this. It was legit everywhere. This was probably the first time 60% percent of America has heard of him. But now that there is no video of the attack and his story keeps falling apart, the media has completely dropped the issue. No more reports on what the latest developments are. Instead we hear about how “brave” he is for still putting on a concert. Ummm okay?

We literally live in a big brother era. Cameras are EVERYWHERE. How did NOT one camera pick this up? Or for that matter ANYTHING UP? No footage of people following him. Or anything remotely suspect. Instead we get footage of two homeless people walking the other way. Like is this a joke?

To make things even more suspect, Jussie finally hands over his phone records AFTER they were redacted. WTF. If my ass was jump, I would give the cops anything they wanted to catch who ever touched me. Why isn’t he? Here’s papi’s THEORY. Don’t sue me, ITS JUST A THEORY.

He was out late at night trying to score SOMETHING. Who ever he bought from robbed him and did beat him up. When he arrived back home, the person who initially called the cops was like WTF happened to you, he panicked and quickly came up with the MAGA supporter story. and THUS is why he is in the current situation. Why else would he hand over redacted phone records, BECAUSE he doesn’t want the police to know who he was really meeting with.

I could be wrong but again WHERE IS THE FOOTAGE? Stories like this show us we need to chill before we join the Twitter mobs. One day someone is going to kill themselves over this shit. I hate being that person saying he made this up but come on y’all look at how SHADY this story is.

We need to really put our focus on making laws against people who file false police reports. From the people who lie about being raped to those who lie about being victims of hate crime. They need to be charged and be forced to do hundreds of hours of community service. All they are doing is hurting the REAL victims of REAL attacks. This shit DOES happen all the time, but for some reason the media only focuses on the suspect stories.

Xoxo Chicago is dangerous but not randomly beat up the star of a gay hiphop show dangerous

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