Can you heffers leave skinny TT alone

I am just at a loss of words for how society is treating skinny minnie TT. Either they are sexually assaulting her physically and/or verbally. Or they are just being downright mean due to the fact they are jealous of all the attention TT now gets. Skinny TT was every girls biggest fear.

During her “golden corral” stage, TT was a bomb ass chick. Dope, funny as shit and the hoe can cook. But now that you add skinny to that mix its fucking over for you hoes. Comparing you and TT is like comparing Fulton and Fayetteville(the rich part, where the doctors at). There is no competition. You are forever wack hoe. This is why everyone is randomly attacking her. They are jealous of all attention and love my Queen is getting.

Don’t blame her because YOUR mans is checking her out. Blame your lazy self. Its pathetic. You blame everyone and their mamas because you are too STOOPID to wake the hell up and realize you never are and never will be her. You will forever be a nasty beefcake bitch who’s own family should disown. Negativity is a cancer that we should NOT tolerate. Unless you are complementing how dope she looks, LEAVE HER ALONE. Save it for your diary because only you care.

Also, telling someone “Damn girl now I would deff smash” isn’t cute nor is it a pick up line. ITS FUCKING RUDE. If your mum lost weight would you tell her that? No you wouldn’t perv. The only person who can gawk and harass MY baby girl is ME. I do it to uplift her spiritually, not to attempt to “get a piece of that sweet sweet TT ass”. If y’all aint gonna tell her how amazing she is, I’ll pick up the slack

So in conclusion, Men you will never “hit” it and LADIES squash your jealously of her and leave her alone. You will never be her. You will never be loved by her. You will never be praised like her. You will never be Terra Jean, so just end it now.

Xoxo anyone want her old jeans, shit mad loose now

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